20 Awesome Activities to Rock Your Pigeon Forge Vacation

Planning a Pigeon Forge vacation is easy with so many awesome attractions to see and do. We spent a week enjoying everything Pigeon Forge has to offer. Our plan was to experience as much of Pigeon Forge as we could to share the best activities to help you rock your Pigeon Forge vacation. 

Thank you to My Pigeon Forge for hosting us on our Pigeon Forge Vacation. As always all opinions are honest and my own.

Our Pigeon Forge vacation was a family vacation we will never forget. Every day brought new and fun activities for our family and we had an amazing time. Although there is so much to do on a Pigeon Forge vacation I thought I would share some of the best ways to enjoy your family vacation in Pigeon Forge and what we thought were some can’t miss things to do.

You can also read about our daily itinerary on Pigeon Forge Family Vacation Day 1+ 2 and Pigeon Forge Family Vacation Day 3 +4. It goes into more details of what we did each day and how to plan your visit. 

The Best Ways to Enjoy Your Pigeon Forge Vacation

Visit the Island for the Water Show

The Island in Pigeon Forge is a entertainment area that has dining, shops, and attractions for all ages. Your family can enjoy a ride on the Giant Wheel or shop at some of the unique stores. My kids loved the Toy Chest Company.

During our Pigeon Forge vacation we visited the Island twice. The first time was late at night to see the Island fountain show. I was so happy we did this.

the island fountain show at the island in pigeon forge

The fountains have rocking chairs lined up all around and we all relaxed and were mesmerized by the show. It was one of my favorite moments of the trip. To sit and enjoy the show with my family was an awesome memory I will always cherish.

We also visited the Island during the day to ride the 7D Dark Ride Adventure. It is a stationary dark ride where the seats move and you shoot at the screen. We did the family friendly show and it was themed around robots. Super fun and really well done! 

7d dark ride adventure at the island in pigeon forge

Make Reservations at a Dinner Show

We had reservations at two dinner shows during our Pigeon Forge Vacation. The first was Hatfield and McCoy’s Dinner Feud and the second was Dolly Parton’s Stampede. Dinner shows are a fun way to enjoy the evening. They are usually silly and fast paced, but it’s fun to be part of the show and really go all in.

hatfield and mccoy dinner feud in pigeon forge

During Hatfield and McCoy’s Dinner Feud all the kids in the audience were invited up on stage to dance and it was so fun to see the kids enjoying the stage. My daughter also had an opportunity to participate in part of the show during Dolly Parton’s Stampede. The dinner shows are a fun family night out. 

Take a Drive Up the Mountains

Pigeon Forge is located among some of the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen. During your stay I highly recommend you take a drive and enjoy the gorgeous views. We took an hour long drive up the mountain to Clingman’s Dome and I was so happy we did. Although not located in Pigeon Forge, it is worth the visit. Pigeon Forge is a perfect family friendly location to offer the best of family attractions and outdoor activities. 

clingmans dome

Enjoy Interactive Fun at MagiQuest

My kids fell in love with MagiQuest a few years ago and have been begging to return. We were so excited to learn that there is a MagiQuest in Pigeon Forge and we would finally have our chance to visit again.

magiquest at pigeon forge

MagiQuest is an interactive wand experience that leads you on magical journeys. It is really fun to do as a family, and can be tricky. I love that we have to work together to solve the riddles and find everything. 

mirror maze in pigeon forge

I was really surprised to see that there were other activities to do inside the MagiQuest building. We played indoor pirate themed mini-golf, attempted a laser maze, and also did our first mirror maze. I haven’t been in a mirror maze in years and it was a little disorienting, but the kids really loved the experience and thankfully my husband was really good at it! 

So Much To Eat!

I don’t know about your family, but for us it is all about the food! We love to find family friendly restaurants that offer things unique to the area we are visiting. During our Pigeon Forge visit we ate at so many awesome places! 

At Frizzle Chicken Farmhouse Cafe you can try some of the best pancakes surrounded by singing chickens. This was so entertaining for the kids and they loved seeing the names of the chickens. Some of our favorites were Michael JordHEN, J.K. FOWLing, Cluck Kent, HEN Solo, and so many more.

frizzle chicken farmhouse cafe in pigeon forge

A few more of our favorite restaurants were The Old Mill and Big Daddy’s Pizza. The family friendly atmosphere was great and the food was delicious. It was so nice to find family friendly restaurants that made everyone happy. 

Family Friendly Competition at Mini-Golf

Mini-Golf themed to candy and sweets sounds like a dream but Crave, the indoor and outdoor mini-golf, is for real. This is a kids dream with the large confectioneries and a fun course. We love to play min-golf and don’t typically keep score, unless you get a hole in one, then we celebrate. Crave’s course was family friendly and we each had a chance to celebrate our wins!

crave mini golf in pigeon forge

Play! Time to Be a Kid Again

On your Pigeon Forge vacation it is time to set aside your adult responsibilities and be a kids again. I was happy to take a break from the everyday life and enjoy playing with my kids. Pigeon Forge has so many places to do this.

We took a ride on the Alpine Mountain Coaster. I loved twisting through the mountain! It is so much fun! My daughter saw a baby deer on her way down the mountain. 

the track go kart in pigeon forge

The Track is an entertainment complex with go-karts, arcade, and small rides for the kids. It is a great place to race and I really liked that they had go-karts for all ages. My youngest could participate and we could all play together. They also loved the bumper boats and arcade. 

bumper boats in pigeon forge

One of the newest Pigeon Forge attractions is Pigeon Forge Snow– an indoor snow tubing attraction. We live in New York so we go sledding every winter, but I loved how original and fun this attraction was. Sledding in 60 degrees is a lot easier than sledding when it is freezing.

You purchase tickets for an hour and sled as much as you want. They even have a lift that takes you to the top. They also have a snow play area. I can best compare it to a sand box, but with snow! Visiting Pigeon Forge Snow is a great way to take a break from the heat! 

With so many amazing options in Pigeon Forge you will find your days full of family fun things to do. We enjoyed our first family visit to Pigeon Forge and we’re so happy to experience all the fun Pigeon Forge has to offer. Learn more and plan your vacation at My Pigeon Forge.

Watch our Family Fun Vacation in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee! 

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