5 Reasons We Love Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is a great way to celebrate the season without any scary tricks. The event is a kid friendly special ticketed event at Walt Disney World that has your favorite characters dressed up and enjoying a Halloween celebration.

We have been planning a family Orlando vacation in August for over a year and I was so excited to learn that Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party was going to have a few dates in August. At first I wasn’t sure we would enjoy a Halloween party in the summer but I knew the chances of us visiting in September or October were pretty slim. With that in mind we booked our first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is offered on select night throughout August, September, and October at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. It is a ticketed event and offers special character meet and greets and entertainment thorough the night.

Is this a Must Do for Your Visit to Walt Disney World?

The event is an amazing Halloween party and I would say a “must-do” for every Walt Disney World loving family. There are a few pros and cons to the party, but we were really happy we did it. It can be an added cost for those on a budget but if you can make it work I think it is fun to experience at least once.

To make it more affordable we attended the party during our Orlando vacation where we were only doing Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. If you have a week of park tickets purchased there is no discount and it will be an added cost. You will pay full price for the special event. If you plan to spend the day at Magic Kingdom and attend the party you will have to purchase a general admission ticket and a ticket to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Mickey's Halloween Party

With that being said if you can make it work I think it is worth it. We really enjoyed seeing Magic Kingdom decorated for the holidays and I loved all the special attention to details during the event. I also loved seeing the BOO to You parade. It is one of the best parades and can only be viewed during the Halloween party.

5 Reason’s We Love Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

#1 Amazing Halloween Decorations

There are pumpkins everywhere!! Mickey Pumpkins line the streets of Main Street and the entire parks has a different feel to it. Although we visited in August the Halloween spirit was all around us. It was exciting and Disney made it fun to go trick or treating through the park.

#2 Boo To You Parade

I have to say the “Boo To You” parade is fantastic. If you are at the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party you need to make it a priority to see the parade. There are typically two showings for the parade. An earlier one and later one. We watched the parade from Frontierland. Some people think Main Street is the best. Main Street has great views but I like Frontierland because it is closer to the start of the parade. The grave diggers were spooky fun!!

A few minutes before the start of the parade the Headless Horseman rides down the street. This can’t be missed!! We arrived about 30 minutes before the start of the parade to get a spot. Once we have a spot my husband usually picks up a snack but this time we snacked on our trick or treating candy!

Mickey's Halloween Party

#3 Little to No Wait Times for Rides

You know that I like to plan our visits to Magic Kingdom with little wait times for the attractions and rides. If you are visiting Magic Kingdom and want to skip the special events you will walk on most rides. We stopped in Fantasyland and rode The Barnstormer three times in a row. As you get later in the evening the lines get even shorter!

#4 Enter Early to Maximize Your Time and Take Advantage of FastPass+

As a ticket holder for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party you can enter the park at 4:00pm. This is three hours before the party starts. During this time we ate dinner and had our FastPass+ scheduled. Arrive between 30-40 minutes before 4:00pm to maximize your time. As you enter the park they will check your bags and give you a wrist band for the party.

#5 Everyone is Dressed Up

Guests attending the party can dress up! Some guests dress up a little, some dress up a lot. There were times guests costumes were so good we couldn’t tell if they were cast members! We decided to wear Disney shirts and skip the full on costumes.

Mickey's Halloween Party

This was for a few reasons: 1- it was August and my kids had no idea what they want to be for Halloween, 2-I was concerned about the August heat and their costumes, 3-we were packing for a 10 day vacation and I couldn’t get it together. We did order special villain shirts and my daughter and I did Minnie Ears for our hair. I was very worried our hair would fall on the rides but it stayed for the entire party!

If dressing up is your thing you should dress up! It is fun to see families dressed up and I loved seeing all the creative costumes through out the night.

Things to Know When Visiting Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

  • You CAN use FastPass+ BUT only between 4:00pm-7:00pm
    • Arrive 30-40 minutes before 4:00pm. Plan your FastPass+ based on your families top priority attractions. We did Splash Mountain, Peter Pan, & Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. There are no FastPass+ available during the party hours.
  • Take Advantage of Mobile Ordering.
    • We ordered our meal from our hotel room before we left for the party. Use the MyDisney App and click on Order Food. Place your order and pay directly from the App.
    • When you are ready to eat you click on “Arrived” and your food will be ready. This saves so much time!! No waiting in line to order and everyone already picked what they wanted. We ate at Columbia Harbour House and our meal was great! You have to be close in proximity to say arrived. I pressed it while walking from Peter Pan to Columbia Harbour House.
  • You Can’t Do It All
    • I started planning this visit much like every other visit we ever did, packing as much in as possible. Then I realized you can’t do it all during the party. The lines for the most popular events are very long and there is not much you can do to avoid them.
    • The six big events/attractions are:
      • Trick or Treating– There are numerous trick or treating spots through the Magic Kingdom. We did two of them but as the night went on the wait times were exceeding 20 minutes. They do give out a lot of candy but for the cost of the even we felt our time was better spent elsewhere.
      • Boo To You Parade– As I mentioned above the parade is awesome. Adults and kids will love it!
      • Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular– This is a Halloween show hosted by the sisters from Hocus Pocus and has a lot of villains in it. It runs a few times a night in front of the castle. My kids have not seen the movie yet. ( I know!! This year for sure!!) For that reason we skipped the show to experience more rides and attractions.
      • Happy HalloWishes– This is a fireworks show that typically runs once during the event.
      • Characters in Halloween Costumes– If you want to meet characters in their costumes be prepared to wait in very long lines. Jack Skellington & Sally and all of the Seven Dwarfs have very popular meet and greets that have guests waiting well over an hour, sometimes two. You can also meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy dressed up for Halloween. We skipped this and opted to see them during the parade. (Jack & Sally are not part of the parade.)
      • Rides/Attractions– We are a ride family. All of us love them and for us they are a top priority.
    • As a family you should decide what your priorities are before you arrive at the park. Plan accordingly. Always check the website because some attractions are closed during the event.
  • Know Your Family
    • When planning a visit to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party you have to know your family.
    • Scare Factor- Most of the attractions and events are not scary. There are a few “ghosts” in the parade but my kids were fine with everything. They were a little scared to ride the Haunted Mansion at night but other than that everything was not scary.
    • Late-The party runs from 7:00pm-12:00am. (Guests can arrive at 4:00pm) Typically my family can make it late but we visited the same day we arrived and they we were all exhausted by 9:30pm. Our flight was very early and we were up at 4:30am! I would have planned a different day but this was the only day we could visit and we made it work.

Mickey's Halloween Party

Would I Do it again?

It depends. I am so happy we went because I’ve always wanted to experience Michey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. From the decorations to the characters and the parade, Disney did not disappoint. For future visits I don’t think I would go again because of the cost per ticket as well as the ability to do Magic Kingdom and the party. If you have the flexibility to do Magic Kingdom on a different day and then go to the Halloween party I think that would be the best option.

Mickey's Halloween Party

We had one day at the park and had to pick our priorities. For us that is always rides. We love the attractions at Magic Kingdom and loved the short wait times. We were unable to see all the shows but as always our visit to Magic Kingdom was pure magic!

2018 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Dates:

August 17, 24, 28, 31
September 3, 7, 9, 11, 14, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25, 28, 30
October 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 21, 23, 25, 26, 28, 30, 31

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Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party

halloween party at Disney World


  1. [email protected] | 30th Sep 17

    Great post! We’ve done the Halloween party twice, and I’m on the same page as you–it was super fun, but it’s definitely not a do it every trip kind of thing, because it does get so expensive.

    • Leah | 2nd Oct 17

      Thanks for reading! I think everyone should experience it once!!

  2. Sally | 30th Sep 17

    I confess, I love Disney (maybe even more than the kids lol). But I had no idea Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween was offered in Aug & Sept. I thought it was an October exclusive! Very handy to know for the future! Thanks for sharing this. We are holding off for the lines to go down at Pandora for our next visit to Disney World lol.

    • Leah | 2nd Oct 17

      Me too!! I love it, and am always planning our next visit!! I didn’t expect and August date either so I was really excited!! We are hoping to do Pandora during our next visit.

  3. Disney Insider Tips (@disneyinsiders) | 30th Sep 17

    Another tip is that the parade typically runs twice. The second parade is usually less crowded.

    • Leah | 2nd Oct 17

      Thanks for reading and thanks for the tip!! I wish we could have made it to the second parade but we were so exhausted from a busy day of traveling!

  4. lynifrika | 30th Sep 17

    I have never tried this, but the dressing up part sounds really fun!

    • Leah | 2nd Oct 17

      It was!! I loved having an excuse to do the Minnie ears!

  5. Momma To Go | 26th Sep 17

    Halloween in August – but pretty cool given that you were there, I guess a good way to usher in fall! The decorations look awesome! I also had no idea about the mobile food ordering, thats not just for the Halloween event, right?

    • Leah | 26th Sep 17

      I know!! It seemed strange but it was worth it!! The mobile food ordering is anytime. They started it small at Pandora but have done it more throughout other parks. I am seeing you can pre-order your Dole Whip!!! Amazing!!

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