LEGOLAND Florida Hotel: 10 Amazing Reasons to Stay & Play

We were so excited to stay at the LEGOLAND Florida Hotel on our last two visits to Florida. It is about a 45 minute drive from Orlando but we always make the drive because we love the park and the hotel. The minute you pull into the resort you can’t help but be excited. With its bright color exterior and dragon at the entrance the LEGOLAND Florida Resort Hotel is perfect for families.

Staying at the LEGOLAND Florida hotel everything really is  awesome. There are so many fun activities at the hotel that you could spend an entire day hanging out there without even stepping foot in the park. Of course, we always visit the park when we visit LEGOLAND but we always make time to enjoy the activities and entertainment at the LEGOLAND Florida hotel.

LEGOLAND Florida Hotel: 10 Amazing Reasons We Keep Coming Back

Bonus Brick Time

If you have been reading my blog you know that my biggest tip for any theme park is arrive early! At the LEGOLAND hotel, on-site guest can enter a half-hour before LEGOLAND Florida park opens. This allowed us entry into the park at 9:30 during our visit.


Bonus Brick Time can be a huge perk, especially on busy days. The LEGOLAND hotel is a 5-minute walk from the lobby to the park entrance. We were the first in line at the entrance and it was about 9:10. My kids are used to waiting because we always arrive early when visiting theme parks but I know it can be difficult for small children.

LEGOLAND has you covered!! They have a brick wall along the building for your kids to play while they wait for the park to open. You can also pack a few snacks to help pass the time or play I Spy.

Pack a few snacks to pass the time when waiting for the park to open or build something along the Lego wall. I Spy is also a great game to make the time go faster.

Honestly we didn’t need to be distracted because we were too busy talking with the Model Citizens(The workers at LEGOLAND.) They asked us where we were from and what rides we were excited for. They also passed out maps and show time guides.

Bonus Brick Time does not include all of the attractions. On our Hotel Guide the attractions are listed. They included:

  • Island in the Sky
  • The Grand Carousel
  • Duplo Train
  • Duplo Tractor
  • The Dragon Coaster
  • Miniland
  • Lost Kingdom Adventure
  • LEGO Ninjago The Ride

Being early paid off!! We were the first guests in the park and the first people to ride the NINJAGO Ride! It is at the back of the park so be prepared to speed walk!! Read all about our visit to LEGOLAND Florida Park.


Bricks for Breakfast

Seriously we talked about our breakfast at BRICKS after our first visit and the last visit. The breakfast buffet goes above and beyond and has something for everyone. Bricks breakfast is also included in your stay at the resort.


Upon check-in you reserve your time slot. We booked a 7:30-8:00am time. This gave us time to eat, go back to the room and finish getting ready for the day, put our luggage in our car, and be at the gate for early entry. It may seem like a lot but the resort is close to the parking lot and the park and we did this without a lot of fuss. My husband also brought a few bags to the car before we went to breakfast.




An added bonus during our breakfast was that Mia from Lego Friends was walking around and came to say hello at our table. She talked to the kids and took some pictures with them. I am not sure if this is an everyday thing at Bricks or we just got lucky. During our visit in 2015 we didn’t see any characters during breakfast but we did see lots of characters walking around the lobby. There are many opportunities to meet Lego characters throughout your stay.


Bricks also has a dinner buffet. It includes kids favorites like Mac & Cheese, Chicken Nuggets, and Spaghetti & Meatballs. It also has adult daily specials. This is not included in your hotel stay.

Perfectly Themed Rooms

The LEGOLAND Hotel goes above and beyond all expectations for a kids themed room. My kids love the rooms!! They are so much fun!! They have 3 standard theme rooms: Pirates, Knights, & Adventure. They also have suites that are Lego Friend Themed. We have stayed in the Pirates & Knights. The kids section of the room has 3 beds!! Perfect for my family! A bunk bed and a pull-out bed. The adult area has a King size bed and is separate from the kid’s area.




Every detail of the room is filled with LEGO fun. Check out my video room tour of the Knight room.

Room Treasure Hunt

In all of the themed rooms your kids can solve a puzzle to unlock the treasure box. We followed the clues to discover 3 numbers that unlocked the treasure chest. Inside was a special treat for each kid that included a small Lego Set, Juice Box, Lanyard with Activity Book.


Disco Elevator

The hotel has a disco elevator!! It’s a dancing elevator! I don’t really need to say more!!! The doors shut. The disco ball drops and the music and dancing begins!! We had a blast dancing and singing.



Master Builder Class

I recommend taking this class if you are visiting the hotel. At check-in you will schedule your time for the master builder class. They have kiosks along the wall that you could use but I did it at the front desk. You can only register 1 child at a time on the kiosks.

We were a little disappointed because they only had 2 spots left for the entire night. (With 3 kids that doesn’t really work!) We ended up booking and hoped they had space.  Thankfully when we arrived I spoke with the Master Builder and she was fine with adding another kid. Yay! That would have been a disaster.

Evening Activities & Playground in the Lobby

LEGOLAND had evening activities like a dance party and building events. The lobby also has a giant Lego pit for building and a castle play area.



Parking Included(Not the Most Exciting but it Counts!)

When you stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel your parking is included. This is something to keep in mind when you are booking your stay. As of writing this parking is $17 a day to visit the park. We always compare all the included costs of staying when we compare hotels. This may not be the most exciting thing for the kids but as a mom I’m always looking to stretch our budget. Staying on-site includes a lot of extra perks like parking and breakfast.

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Meet & Greet in the Lobby

If your kids like to meet characters this is the place to do it. Characters are walking around daily. On our two visits we have met Pirates, Knights, Space Man, and a few Lego Friend characters. It doesn’t look like a set schedule of characters but it is always exciting to be walking around the resort and meet a character.


Do you love Legos?

If anyone in your family loves Legos this is for you. The little attention to details through out the hotel are what make us come back every year. From the mini-figure wall in the lobby to the Lego playground this is a Lego lovers dream. Even if you don’t love Legos the LEGOLAND hotel was built with kids in mind and you will have a blast.


What You Need to Know to Plan Your LEGOLAND Florida Hotel Visit:

  • At check-in there is a big pool of LEGO bricks. Let your kids get in there and create! You can display your work on the wall in the lobby.
  • Arrive early. If you are visiting the park and then staying at the hotel, check-in first. You can leave your luggage in the car and they will call you when your room is ready. By doing this you can take advantage of the Early Entry.
  • Make your reservations for BRICKS and Master Builder Class at Check-in.
  • Allow time to explore the hotel and the room. There are many things to see at the hotel and you don’t want to be rushed.
  • Located 53 miles from Orlando International Airport.
  • We have visited the park and then stayed at the resort and have stayed then visited the park. I suggest a day at the park followed by a night at the resort. Check-in early and take advantage of early entry.

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  LEGOLAND Florida Hotel


  1. Camino a la magia | 10th Apr 17

    OMG! I didn’t even know there was a Lego Hotel! My kids would love it! I’ll see if it’s convinient for out next trip in January 2018. Loved the post!

    • Leah | 10th Apr 17

      Thanks for reading!! I hope you get to visit in January too! It is so much fun and worth the trip, especially if your kids love Lego!

  2. Amy Crooks | 4th Apr 17

    We enjoyed everything about LEGOLAND Hotel too! Such a great and fun place for kids – and adults!! 🙂 The restaurant was amazing, and we loved how close it is to hop on over to the park. Great article and great pictures!! 🙂

  3. Momma To Go | 3rd Apr 17

    I love Legoland, and on our last trip, we went to check out the hotel. It was super cute, but I had no idea they had all those other perks! I definitely want to stay here next time!

    • Leah | 4th Apr 17

      It is worth looking at. Honestly I thought it would be out of our budget but with all the added perks it was worth it for us.

  4. Cara | 3rd Apr 17

    Oh my goodness I can’t get over how cute everything is! And that restaurant! It looks straight up like a little lego construction lol. My boys would love it there!

    • Leah | 4th Apr 17

      Yes!! That is how I feel walking around! It is so much fun!

  5. Jessica Weinberg (@whatsfordinesq) | 3rd Apr 17

    Looks like you and your family had an amazing time! I have never been to Legoland!
    xo Jessica

    • Leah | 4th Apr 17

      We did! Thanks for reading!

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