Everything Parents Need to Know About the Disney Dream Kids Club

We were so excited when we learned we would be going on a Disney Cruise. It was something new and we had heard so many amazing things. Out of everythign, the activity my kids were most excited about for our Disney Cruise was the Disney Dream Kids Club.

The Disney Dream kids club is called the Oceaneer Club & Oceaneer Lab. It is an amazing and immersive play and activity center for children ages 3-12.

I was a little hesitant at first about what to expect from the kids club, but I knew my kids wanted to experience it so I did my research and was happy to discover how much I really enjoyed the Disney Dream Kids Club as an option aboard the Disney Dream.

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at a discounted conference rate. This included our time spend on the Disney Dream. All of my opinions and writing are 100% honest and my own. 

When we first told the kids that we would be going on a Disney Cruise they could hardly contain their excitement. They were so excited and it was really a dream come true. We visit Walt Disney World many times but a cruise vacation is not something we had talked about and they couldn’t wait!

The first thing they wanted to do was start doing their research. They are just like me!! We watched YouTube videos and the Disney Cruise Line online videos.

All of the activities and entertainment aboard the Disney Dream was nothing compared to what was inside the Disney Dream Kids Clubs.

disney dream oceaneer club

The Disney Dream Kids Clubs are called the Oceaneer Club and the Oceaneer Lab. They also have a nursery for smaller children but I will be focusing on the Oceaneer Clubs. You can find out more about It’s a Small World nursery for kids under 3 here.

5 Things Parents Should Know About the Disney Cruise Kids Clubs

What is the Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab?

The Oceanner Club and Oceaneer Lab are the Disney Cruise kids club aboard the Disney Cruise Line ships. They are for children between the ages of 3 and 12. Each ship has a slightly different set up and activities. We cruised on the Disney Dream and the kids club was one of our favorite things!

The Oceaneer Club and the Oceaneer Lab do not have many difference except for the theme. During our stay there were times when the Oceaneer Club had open house hours and the Oceaneer Lab was open for drop off.

Open house hours are when parents can tour the clubs. During those times you do not check your child in. You can explore the areas together.

oceaneer lab on the disney dream cruise

On the Disney Dream you receive a daily activity sheet called the Navigator. The Navigator tells you what time and where activities will be taking place.

My kids loved looking over the schedule each night to see what they wanted to participate in the next day. Most days the hours of the club started at 9:00am and went until 12:00am. They will also serve your kids lunch or dinner if you want to plan an adult only meal.

My kids participated in making Flubber, Game Challenges, and a game of Gaga Ball. They also played on their own. On the Disney Dream the themed spaces are so cool. The kids liked the Disney Infinity game room, the Milennium Falcon, and the Oceaneer Lab for hands-on activities.

Check out our video tour of the Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab aboard the Disney Dream!

Is the Oceaneer Club Safe for My Family?

As a parent my biggest concern was for my kids safety when they visited the Disney Dream kids clubs. I knew the entertainment would be incredible and that they would love it, but I wasn’t sure how I would feel about dropping the kids off.

I was really happy to discover that safety was a top concern. The Oceaneer Club and Lab make your kids safety a priority by:

  • No adults are allowed in the club except during open house hours and when picking up your child.
  • Each child is fitted with a magic band that is kept on them through the duration of the cruise. They use a clip to secure the band.
  • This band is scanned and has a picture of your child and the adults that have permission to pick them up or drop them off.
  • You will set up a secret word that will be used to pick up your kids and take them out of the club. This is a word that only you and the adults responsible for your kids should know.
  • Each band is also equipped with GPS on the ship. At pick-up they will tell you exactly where the kids are playing inside the club. This is also great if for any reason you get separated while on the cruise ship.

disney dream cruise magic bands

How Do They Keep the Oceaneer Club Clean?

The hand washing process was part of the fun when you enter the Oceaneer Club. Each person(kids & adults) who enter the Oceaneer Club or Lab must stop at the hand washing station. You can use a hand sanitizing wipe or put your hands in the hand washing machine.

It might seem like a little too much excitement to talk about a hand washing machine, but it was impressive. It is like a 12 second mini-spa for your hands and it was always my kids choice for hand washing as we entered and exited the clubs.

disney dream oceaneer club hand washing stations

What do the Kids Love about the Oceaneer Club?

There is so much for the kids to love about the Oceaneer Club. It is designed for kids and has so many different activities to keep them entertained. The cast members that work with your kids are fun and keep them busy during their stay. My kids really enjoyed playing Disney Infinity and the group games led by the cast members.

disney infinity at the oceaneer club

What Parents Need to Know?

The one thing I wish I would have known about the Disney Dream kids club is that my kids would want to spend so much time there. This was tough for me because we couldn’t participate with the kids during their time other then during the open house hours. My husband and I did enjoy a lunch date while the kids played but we were excited to do more stuff as a family.

disney dream kids club andys room

As a family you should decide what works best for you. Do you want to have adult-only meals? Are you going to visit the adult-only pools and activities? What activities do your kids want to participate in? Spend time as a family deciding what works best for all of you and plan your day based on that.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked the Oceanneer Club and Oceaneer Lab. I knew my kids would love it but my concern of safety was my first priority. I was very happy that I felt comfortable and safe knowing my kids were safe and having an amazing time at the Disney Dream Kids Clubs.

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    we are cruising soon (not disney) and this morning we were watching videos about our ship! i love finding posts like these to research what i want to know about a ship!

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      We love watching videos and researching before we visit. It creates excitement for the trip and helps us stay prepared!

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