4 Ways I’m Setting Intentions for Family Time in 2018

2018 is here and it feels like a really big year for my family. It is the year that my oldest will turn ten. Ten years old feels big. It feels more responsible and more independent. It feels like a new chapter of our lives. With this big change and all of my children getting one year older, I feel the pull to soak up every minute with them and enjoy every moment I have with them. This year I am saying Yes to setting intentions for family time.

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Saying yes to family time is a priority of many parents. Our lives are busier than ever and time running from one thing to the next are making family time even more difficult to carve out. Prioritizing family time can seem difficult but when you step back you will see that it is the little things and the small moments that can mean so much.

During late 2017 I was reading more and more about setting intentions and goals and the way to achieve these goals is to create actionable items to be successful. My 2018 intention is to be more present with my family and connect with them everyday. To do this I came up with actionable items that will help me reach my goals and develop a stronger relationship with my family.

Be Intentional about Me Time

Me time may sound like the opposite of spending time with family but when you take care of yourself you are more likely to stay in the moment and be present for family time. This year I am carving out time to get my errands, work, and housework done during the day when the kids are at school. I am also taking care of myself by eating more nutritiously so I am at my best when the kids get home from school.

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Be Intentional about After School Time

After school time can be chaos but when I am intentional about being present with the kids the chaos subsides and we enjoy each other. It is not always easy and at times the kids come home with the stress of being at school all day but when I am really there for them you can see them relax and we connect more. Doing these 5 things makes a huge difference in our after school time:

  • Put my phone away. Turn it off or on silent.
  • Have a snack ready.
  • Sit at the table with them while they do homework.
  • Offer a hug and really listen to what they have to say.
  • Be around but give them space to transition.

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Be Intentional about Dinner Time

We have always done family dinner and this one is easy for us. At every dinner we share our Rose, Bud, Thorn of the day. During this time we emphasize the importance of taking turns to talk and really listening and asking questions. It has started some great family dinner conversations.

Be Intentional about Bedtime

In our house bedtime can be a huge challenge. My husband and I are tired, the kids are tired, and we all just want to be done. This time of the day is when my patience are at the lowest and I really want to crash. I found when I am more intentional about bedtime I have these amazing one-on-one moments with the kids that I would never have experienced if I was rushed. At bedtime I try to remember these 5 things to keep me present and in the moment:

  • Read an extra book.
  • Lay an extra few minutes with them after lights out.
  • Enjoy the quiet moments and ask them about their day.
  • Make brushing teeth, bath, and putting pajamas on fun instead of a chore.

Remember they will only be this young once, and although everyone says that, it is true. The few extra minutes you spend with them will mean the world to them and will create stronger bonds with your kids.

With these intentions for the New Year I will enjoy the moments that are flying by us and develop better relationships with my family. I know life will get busy and every night will not be as easy to do this. By setting these intentions and the things I am going to do to make it happen, I will find more time to say Yes to more family time.

What are you saying Yes! to this year?

Is it family time? Is it personal time? Is it work related? Lets encourage each other and share in the comments what you are saying Yes to and what you will do to make it happen.

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  1. Momma To Go | 16th Jan 18

    Beautiful post! For us, the afternoon coming home from school time is such a challenge. My daughter really needs time to unwind before snack and HW, but my son wants to come in and get the HW done. So I have to seperate them so he can have quiet and she can have some screen time, and it prolongs the process but I realize its what each of them need!

    • Leah | 16th Jan 18

      That is awesome of you to notice the differences of your kid’s needs. Good job!!! I am sure the extra time is worth it!

  2. thistalkaintcheap | 15th Jan 18

    I love the idea of setting family goals as well as personal ones. We’ve tried to do that as well… time will tell if we can keep it all up. #client

    • Leah | 15th Jan 18

      The best part about setting them is it helps keep focus. Yes-we will not always be perfect but setting them helps us do our best to try to reach them as a family. Good luck with yours!!

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