Quality Family Time Ideas and Ways to Earn Dosh Cash this Spring Break

It is spring break time across the country and my kids are just starting their break this week. I was actually counting down the days until break because we all really need one. I have been using the Dosh App for almost a year now and I’m really excited to share with you fun ways to plan quality family time with your family and earn Dosh cash during your spring break.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Dosh. All thoughts, opinions, and ideas are honest and my own.

What’s Inside: Learn more about the Dosh App and how to earn Dosh Cash back. Plus fun activities to do with your kids during spring break. 

When I was thinking about writing this post I started with “10 Spring Break Survival Ideas that Moms & Kids Will Love”. It’s not really how I feel though. I am excited to have the kids home for a week. I’m not saying I won’t lose my patience, and yes there will be moments when it is chaos, but I miss them when they are at school. The best way to stay ahead of the chaos is to really be in the moments with your kids and find fun activities everyone will enjoy.

I’m also excited to be partnering with Dosh for this post because Dosh is a great way to earn Dosh cash on everyday purchases you are already making. This is a win-win for us. We can plan some special activities for spring break week and earn a little Dosh cash to put towards our next adventure. Want to try it? Sign up here -> Dosh Cash

Try A New Local Restaurant

We love to discover new and delicious restaurants in our town. Spring break it a great time to try out a place you have been wanting to try. Make it a lunch date with your kids. You can also make it a fancy date night and dress up a little. The kids will find this really special. On the Dosh App you can search restaurants by location to find a great place to eat. When you use your connected credit card you receive Dosh Cash automatically in your wallet. I love this because it’s immediate!!

Send Some Surprises to Loved Ones

I think it is important to teach the kids small ways to spread kindness. This year we will do a project where we send cards to important people in our lives. Even my youngest can write a few words on a card and I think this will be a great way to teach them to think about others. One of the participating merchants on the Dosh App is Hallmark. As of writing this you receive 7% Dosh Cash back. We will brainstorm their special person, visit Hallmark to pick out a special card, and then send them out this week. This is a new project we are doing. I love how it is simple and easy but will have a big impact.

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Plan an Afternoon at Home

The weather forecast is not looking great for us. It is looking like mostly rainy days so I have to get creative about fun activities with the kids. During spring break I like to plan an afternoon of non-distracted time. We usually pick from the list and enjoy a few hours together.

  • Dance Party-When we are stuck in the house a dance party is a great way to burn some energy. We listen to all different types of music and have everyone pick some of their favorites and add it to the playlist.
  • Movie Afternoon- We love family movie nights but on rainy days it is fun to do a movie afternoon. Get your pajamas on and snuggle on the couch with a great movie. Check out our favorite movies here.
  • Lego Day- We have so many Legos and I have kept all of the Lego manuals. Our plan this week is to rebuild a set using different color pieces. It will be impossible to find the exact pieces but I think it will be a fun and creative way to rebuild the sets.
  • Make Slime- My kids are loving making slime lately. Check out Little Bins for Little Hands for great slime recipes.
  • Color and Draw together-This sounds so simple but at the kids have gotten older I feel like we sit down less to draw and color. It is one of our favorite activities and now the kids are even more creative. Sometimes we make comics or stories to go along with our drawings.
  • Book Day-Visit your local library and bring some new books into your home. When we return home we lay blankets out on the living room floor, pop some popcorn, and lounge around reading. It is a really peaceful activity and I love to do read to the kids.

Get Out of the House

I’m hoping there are some breaks in the rain and we can get out of the house. This winter has felt long and we are all ready for some fresh air and spring time. We love to visit our local zoo or museum. An easy and free activity is finding a playground. We love to discover new playgrounds and after this long winter the kids have been asking to visit some of our favorites. I’m also looking forward to walking around our new neighborhood. We moved in the fall and going on walks and bike rides are top of our list for this spring.

Plan an Overnight Staycation

A quick search of my town and I found a hotel for $98 dollars a night, with a pool and breakfast. Plus I get $5.00 dosh cash back! This is a relatively inexpensive way to get away without a large vacation budget. A staycation provides easy packing, less planning, and time together uninterrupted by the “to-do” list at home. My kids love hanging out at a hotel pool and they would love this! Check out the list of hotels here

No matter how you spend your spring break make it a time to slow down, enjoy your family and plan some quality time together. Earning Dosh Cash is an extra bonus to help us save for our next family adventure. Sign Up Here!

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