How to Plan the Ultimate Ice Cream Sundae Party

My daughter turned nine this week.  Nine is an age when character birthdays are almost over but you still want to have a fun birthday party.  This year I wanted to keep it small so she invited a few friends over for an Ultimate Ice Cream Sundae Party. It was easy and fun to plan and the girls had a great time.

Disclosure: I received product from Oriental Trading Company in exchange for this review.  As always my opinions are authentic and honest.  You can read more of my Disclosure.

Ultimate Ice Cream Sundae Party Checklist

Create Awesome Ice Cream Sundae Party Invitations

Usually I go out and buy invitations to send in the mail. This year I did things a little different. I decided to text the invites. It was a small group and I find most people remember things on their phones better than a paper invite. I didn’t want to send an everyday text though, I wanted it to be fun and exciting. To add some fun to the invite we got creative and made our own on Canva.

We went on Canva and created an adorable invite that my daughter could customize herself. Canva offers really easy ways to make invites and other images that you might want to share. It’s free and they save your work. Best of all my daughter could change the colors of everything she wanted. She changed the colors of the hats and the font.  My daughter had never used Canva and made an invite in ten minutes. It is super easy and fun!

Ice Cream Sundae Party

After we made the Ice Cream Sundae Party invite all I had to do was save it and send it.  You can save it to a computer if you want to email it. I saved it on my phone so I could text it.

Goody Bags they Will Love (and their parents will too!)

Goody bags can get a little crazy.  A lot of parents love them or hate them.  I fall somewhere in the middle.  I like passing out goody bags and it is fun when my kids receive them.  What I don’t love is a bunch of things that don’t make it past the front door.  You know the things.  Bouncy balls and sticky hands.  I want to give out things that will last and are fun but also within a budget.

Ultimate Ice Cream Sundae Party

I really try to put useful things in the goody bags. (I know sometimes it is too expensive or difficult, and I have filled bags with the typical goody bag treats.) I’ve also made music CDs and T-shirts with Iron-On Characters.  I try to really brainstorm ideas that can go with the theme.  For this party you could fill a sandwich bag with some toppings and it could be a create your own ice cream sundae.  Take a few minutes to think of creative ideas for your theme.

Ultimate Ice Cream Sundae Party

This year I let my daughter help decide what she wanted to give out.  After we picked the theme she looked at Oriental Trading Company and started searching. This is a perk of being nine, you get to help put the goody bags together.  I like to tell her to put whatever she likes in the cart and then we go back and discuss what stays and what goes.

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We had a big list to go through because Oriental Trading Company has so many awesome options. They have an endless amount of themes and ideas. We narrowed it down and placed our order. My daughter was really excited to help put this together for her friends.

Our Ice Cream Sundae Party Goody Bags:

  • Ice Cream Themed Cards
  • Multi-Color Pen
  • Notepad
  • Nail Polish
  • Cake Batter Chap Stick

Ultimate Ice Cream Sundae Party

Colorful Decorations

Decorations make a party fun.  There is something special about how decorations can transform your kitchen or dining room into a festive party place!  I wanted the decorations to be colorful and fun.  Oriental Trading Company had great ice cream themed decorations.  I loved the centerpiece and the hanging ice cream cones.  They added an extra special touch to our party.

Ultimate Ice Cream Sundae


It’s All About the Toppings

At an Ice Cream Sundae Birthday Party toppings are king. I purchased a big tub of vanilla ice cream and set up a toppings station.  This is where it got really fun! I think the girls really loved the freedom they had to create the perfect ice cream sundae.  Although they did not finish them they had a blast creating these ice cream towers!!

Ultimate Ice Cream Sundae Party


  • Caramel
  • Chocolate Sauce
  • Cherries
  • Whip cream
  • M & M
  • Marshmallows
  • Mini Chocolate Chips
  • Sprinkles
  • Waffle Bowls

Ultimate Ice Cream Sundae Party

Let Them Play

Some times we plan so much we forget that they are kids and they just want to play. This year I planned nothing.  I let them create their own fun. There was not a bored moment. They told scary stories and ran around outside. The house was filled with lots of laughter and giggles.  There were whispers and dance parties.  Keeping the party small made it more of a fun playdate.

Ultimate Ice Cream Sundae Party

It was so fun to watch the girls laugh and play.  They even included the little brothers!! (That can always be a challenge!) The ice cream sundae party was a huge success.  The ideas and decorations from Oriental Trading Company were the perfect accents to put together and easy and fun party. Do you have an upcoming party? Check out Oriental Trading Company coupon page and start planning!

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Ice Cream Sundae Party




  1. Momma To Go | 24th May 17

    I love the idea of doing invites in canva, then texting them! The ice cream Sunday bar looks awesome too!

  2. Vartika Goel | 18th Feb 17

    Looks so much fun! Awesome ideas! 🙂

  3. Lauren | 27th Jan 17

    This is adorable! Looks like such a fun party. I love the themed party favors too 🙂

    • Leah | 27th Jan 17

      Thank you! They had a blast!

  4. brittanyputman15 | 26th Jan 17

    This was such a fun idea! A great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with kids!

    • Leah | 27th Jan 17

      Thanks! We really had a blast. The great part is it can be changed to celebrate anything!

  5. Rebecca | 26th Jan 17

    Such a fun party! I love the gift bags. I always try to give something practical as well!

    • Leah | 26th Jan 17

      It is not always easy!

  6. Sumer | 26th Jan 17

    How cute!! I LOVE this idea!! Awesome job with the details!

    • Leah | 26th Jan 17

      Thank you! We had a lot of fun!

  7. Laura {The Rambling Ramnaths} | 26th Jan 17

    This is really a great party idea!! I love that you sent out a party invite via text!! Plus the goodie bags were great! I want one ? I’m so glad your daughter had such a fun 9th Birthday!

    • Leah | 26th Jan 17

      Thank you! The texting saved me so much time!

  8. Vicki @ Babies to Bookworms | 26th Jan 17

    This looks like so much fun! I remember loving making crazy sundaes as a kid!

    • Leah | 26th Jan 17

      Its fun as an adult too!! 🙂

  9. Danielle | 26th Jan 17

    What a fun idea! Ice cream is just so yummy! Oriental Trading really does have all. the. things.

    • Leah | 26th Jan 17

      Yes they do!! So many different themes to pick from.

  10. Meredith | 25th Jan 17

    Omg I just love this yummy sundae bar!! What an awesome idea! I especially love those birthday sprinkles bowls!

    • Leah | 26th Jan 17

      Thank you!! They were so adorable!

  11. Jessica Bradshaw (@loveyoumoretoo) | 25th Jan 17

    Yum!! I have ice cream sundae parties with my kids at school. This one blows mine out of the water. Great checklist too.

    • Leah | 26th Jan 17

      Awe! Thank you! I am sure yours was great! The kids are there for the treats! I bet they have a blast!

  12. Halee | 25th Jan 17

    I love DIY ice cream! It reminds of this gas station called Stewart’s back home that had the best diy ice cream bar!

    • Leah | 25th Jan 17

      Me too! Ice cream toppings are so much fun!

  13. Kate | 25th Jan 17

    What a cute idea! I kind of want to throw an ice cream sundae party for myself now!

  14. Kate A | 25th Jan 17

    What a fun party idea, and all the details were perfectly planned! Can you come throw me an ice cream party for my birthday in a few weeks?! Haha.

    • Leah | 25th Jan 17

      Thanks! Yes!! I will be right over! It really is super easy and fun.

  15. Casey | 25th Jan 17

    This looks like an awesome party! I love the decorations and ice cream sundae’s!!

    • Leah | 25th Jan 17

      Thanks! It was really fun!

  16. Amy Crooks | 25th Jan 17

    That looked like so much fun!! 🙂

    • Leah | 25th Jan 17

      Thanks! We had a blast!

  17. Stephanie Lowry | 25th Jan 17

    This is such a great idea!! My kids would love this party theme ?

    • Leah | 25th Jan 17

      Thanks! The best part is how easy it is!

  18. Kate | 25th Jan 17

    Great party theme! You did an awesome job planning!

    • Leah | 25th Jan 17

      Thank you so much!

  19. Innana | 24th Jan 17

    Happy Birthday to your sweet 9-year old! what an adorable idea! I feel like less is more with kids as they are so simple to please! I love the gift bag items my favorite is the cake batter chap stick..ummm sounds amazing!

    • Leah | 25th Jan 17

      Thank you!! My son loves the chap stick!! It smells so good!

  20. Angela Amores | 24th Jan 17

    This looks like a fun and delicious ice cream party!! I love all the toppings and decor!!

    • Leah | 24th Jan 17

      Thanks! We had a blast!

  21. Erin | 24th Jan 17

    This looks like such a cute party!! I bet they had a blast! And now I’m hungry for ice cream 😉

    • Leah | 24th Jan 17

      I know!! I enjoyed my own sundae too!

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