Pittsburgh Family Weekend (Part 2)

We were all excited for our Pittsburgh family weekend. I was happy to wake up to sun and warmer weather. We had a full day of 2 museums and a Pirates baseball game and I was happy the weather was holding out for us. This is Part 2 of our Pittsburgh Family Weekend. Start with Pittsburgh Family Weekend(Part 1).

Day 3: Museums & Baseball

We were given complimentary admission to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Carnegie Museum of Art. As always my opinions are honest and my own. You can read more on my disclosure page.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History & Carnegie Museum of Art

Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Carnegie Museum of Art are two museums that are connected. They are also included in one admission ticket. Two for the price of one is a great deal! The museums have a lot of rooms to explore and get lost in. We often found ourselves trying to find our way and had to ask an employee. Everyone was very helpful in directing us in the right direction.

Pittsburgh Family Weekend

We arrived about 15 minutes before opening and a line had started at the entrance. Today was the opening of the new exhibit: The Power of Poison in the Natural World,  and there was a membership preview in the morning. Overall the crowds at the museum were not too bad. The Poison exhibit was very busy but the other areas had lower crowds.

As you walk in the museum go to your left, after purchasing admission tickets, and start your day at the Natural History Museum. Walk up the ramp, enter through the gift shop and you will start you day at the Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems. Walk through this impressive collection of Minerals and Gems. If you are like my family and enjoy Steven Universe, have fun finding the crystal gems! We were able to find all of them!

Pittsburgh Family Weekend

After the minerals and gems, move on to the Dinosaurs in Their Time exhibit. I have always been impressed with the museum’s collection of dinosaur artifacts. The layout and the way this exhibit is presented is perfect for kids. They have touch screens in front of different dinosaurs that let you know what are actual fossils, casts, and molds. It is a fun way to learn about being a paleontologist and discovering new things about dinosaurs.

Pittsburgh Family Weekend

There are a few hands-on exhibits for kids through out the museum. We liked the Bonehunters Quarry and Discovery Basecamp. They can dig up fossils and look at different objects under microscopes.

Pittsburgh Family Weekend

After we viewed these areas we walked around the rest of the natural history museum. My son was excited for the Mummy exhibits but when we actually walked around it they all got a little creeped out! We also really enjoyed the Alco Foundation Hall of American Indians where we sat and watched a projected star show that taught us about the history of the stars and American Indians.

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Our final stop at the Natural History museum was The Power of Poison in the Natural World exhibit. The membership preview ended and we walked right in. This exhibit requires a separate admission added to your general admission ticket. The exhibit featured the history of poison and how it is used to help and hurt. I really liked the area about poison in fairy tales. It included Snow White and Alice in Wonderland as well as a mention of Harry Potter. (We are really loving Harry Potter lately and this was a fun surprise for the kids!)

Pittsburgh Family Weekend

At this point we were hungry for lunch. Our plan was to walk down and pick something up outside the museum but we decided to eat at Fossil Fuels Café. It offers typical pizza, chicken fingers, and hot dogs. As well as coffee and fruit cups. If we had more planning time I would have packed a lunch for the day. My husband got a turkey and swiss cheese sandwich that he liked from the build your own sandwich station.

Pittsburgh Family Weekend

Our next stop was the Hall of Architecture and Sculptures. This is part of the Art museum and is one of my favorite areas of the museum. It feels like you have entered another world. After this we toured the art museum. There are less hands-on exhibits for the kids but they did enjoy a few of the pieces. We spent about 4 hours at the museums and returned to the hotel to relax and get ready for the baseball game.

Pittsburgh Family Weekend

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PNC Park: Pirates Game

PNC park is home to the Pittsburgh Pirates and it is one of the best baseball fields ever. The views and the food alone make it a great park to visit. I love seeing the city from the park and enjoying the game. We like to sign our kids up for the kids club because they often have discount tickets for kids and special coupons.

Pittsburgh Family Weekend

Day 4: Kennywood Amusement Park

Our entire family was really excited for our visit to Kennywood. We love visiting amusement parks and Kennywood has been on my list of places to take the kids for years. My husband and I visited over 10 years ago and were excited to share our favorite attractions with the kids. Especially a ride on the Phantom, one of the best roller coasters I have ever experienced. I shared our day at Kennywood including all our tips and tricks on a post last week. You can read it here.

Pittsburgh Family Weekend

Day 5: Duquesne Incline & Home

This was our last day in Pittsburgh and we had to make a quick stop at the Duquesne Incline. The views from the top are incredible and I suggest you add this to your visit. It is a short ride to the top and you will not be disappointed. I do suggest arriving early or visiting during low crowds. The lines on the weekend during the day were taking hours. Once you get to the top you have to take the incline back down…and wait in line again. I overheard someone saying it took them 4 hours, so plan accordingly.

Pittsburgh Family Weekend

Our long weekend to Pittsburgh was a well needed weekend away. We loved visiting all the family friendly attractions and look forward to our next visit. Check out our Pittsburgh Family Weekend (Part 1) and the Best of Pittsburgh for Families for more family friendly ideas!

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  1. Ali May | 17th Jun 17

    Those museums look like the perfect place to take the kids to! There are so many fun things to do in Pittsburgh. I actually had not heard much about this city before, so thanks for sharing this.

    • Leah | 18th Jun 17

      So glad you like it! It really is a fun place to visit.

  2. Keri | 16th Jun 17

    Looks like so much for kids to do!

    • Leah | 16th Jun 17

      It really is a kid friendly destination!

  3. Momma To Go | 15th Jun 17

    that museum looks beautiful i love the architeture. My hubby and son are already talking about future trips to visit all of the ball parks!

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