Incredibles 2 Is All About Family: Family Movie Review + Activity Pages

The 14 year wait is finally over and Incredibles 2 opened in theaters over Father’s Day weekend. We have been so excited to see Incredibles 2 ever since we first heard they were making a second one. Incredibles 2 is a great family movie and one that does not disappoint. I’m sharing my spoiler free Incredibles 2 family movie review as well as activity pages for your family to enjoy.

When I saw the first Incredibles I was blown away. From the characters to the creativity behind the story-I loved it!! My husband and I went to see it during the first year we were dating. We both were so impressed and it became one of our favorite movies.  Little did I know I would be bringing my family of superheros to see the sequel 14 years later.

Incredibles 2 Family Movie Review

We are a family of 5, like the Parr family, and as I watched the movies I related to the family dynamic of the movie. I see parts of Violet in my daughter. At times shy but with an inner confidence that grows as we learn more about her. My middle son has the same enthusiasms and energy as Dash and a sweet heart. Then my youngest son. He is the Jack-Jack of the family. Unpredictable, loving, and would do anything to take care of his family.

Together we are our own super hero family and are inspired by the message of the Incredibles and Incredibles 2: It is all about Family.

Incredibles 2 Spoiler Free Details

Incredibles 2 takes off exactly where we left off. The Parr family is leaving Dash’s track meet and comes across the Underminer. As the Parr’s jump into action we see what society thinks of the Superheros and what leads to some tough decisions for the Parr family.

Incredibles 2 Movie Poster

We also get to see Helen(Elastigirl/Mrs. Incredible) playing front and center. It is a great switch of traditional roles with Helen off working while Bob/Mr. Incredible stays home to take care of the kids. I love how in the movie both parents question how the other parent will handle their traditional roles.

As the story unfolds you find that in the end the Parr family must come together with their friend Frozone to defeat the villain and make the world safe. There are twists and turns in the plot and it is a suspenseful movie that is funny and all about family.

Check out the trailer for Incredibles 2:

Incredibles 2 Family Movie Review

I went in to Incredibles 2 with really high expectations. We have been waiting for this moving for years. Seriously, my husband and I would google the movie every so often to see if there was talk about a sequel. So our expectations were very high.

I absolutely loved it. The story was fantastically written and it was funny. I found myself laughing out loud in the theater. Every character was uniquely developed and written so cleverly. I was so impressed. What I loved the most about Incredibles 2 is that they stuck to the theme from the original movie of the importance of family.

Parr Family Incredibles 2

Family is what makes the Incredibles so incredible. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, much like any family, but when they work together they soar. I love this message of the movie. Supporting your family whatever and whenever. It doesn’t matter if you are perfect or make mistakes, your family will always be there for you.

I received a few questions about the scare factor of Incredibles 2. There are a few scenes that may be scary for children under 5. My youngest is 6 and he found one scene in particular to be a bit scary. The main villain of the movie is the ScreenSlayer. You can see an image of the ScreenSlayer in the movie poster earlier in this post.

The ScreenSlayer and Mrs. Incredible have a fight scene where there are flashing lights and it is a bit intense. It lasts about 3-4 minutes and did not really affect my kids. They were a little scared at first, more of something jumping out scared than scary-scary, but once the scene started it was fine. Also they didn’t even mention it after the movie so it had a small impact.

There was a notice outside the theater about the flashing lights and that it may affect people prone to seizures and migraines. I do not have any experience with this but I wanted to caution you if you (or your family) are affected by this.

If you feel your kids may not like it you can always step out of the theater during it. You will know when it will start and it is a short part of the film. I would not discourage you from seeing the movie because it is so enjoyable and we all really loved it.

What did you think of Incredibles 2? Share in the comments! I would love to talk more about the movie. Also check out the Incredibles 2 Activity Sheets for some at home fun.

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