How I Plan Back to School Family Time

Back to school time is a fresh start. It is exciting and fun, but it can also be busy and chaotic. As busy as we get I make it a priority to plan special back to school family time. This can be as simple as snack time without any distractions or a fun night out. The goal is to make whatever you do family focused so you can stay connected and enjoy some quality family time

This year is a big back to school year for my family. My youngest is entering kindergarten and it will be a big change for us all. It will be the first time in almost ten years of not having kids in the house all day.  Making back to school family time a priority is more important than ever.

To make it a priority I am starting to block out time on the calendar now. I find when I add it to our schedule it makes it more of a priority. Back to school season can get really busy and making it top on our list helps keep us connected.

The key here is to make it something everyone in the family loves. There are five of us and I like to let each person pick a special activity that we do each week. This ensures that we do something as a family at least once a week and makes it really fun for the kids. They love being able to pick a family activity and help plan it.

Some of my favorite family activities that are perfect for back to school time are simple and easy to plan. They require little to none preplanning but provide a lot of quality family time opportunities.

Game Night

Unwind after a busy day at school with a game night. Pick a game the entire family can play. At times, my kids are so tired after school that we play a simple card game. It always surprises me how little time is needed to feel connected as a family. The 15 minutes of play really brings our family together and we have a lot of fun.

back to school family time

Family Date Nights

Make back to school really special by celebrating the first week with a family date night. Go to a special restaurant. Pick up a meal and have a picnic in the park. Take a family hike. Pick an activity that everyone loves and makes your family happy.

Unplugged Nights

Turn off the TV and electronics and spend some quiet time connecting. Set up a home library, add some snacks and have a family reading night. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Be artists and draw your favorite part of summer. Use crayons and markers, or any other crafting supplies you may have. In the quiet moments, the kids can relax and unwind from the busy school schedules.

back to school family time

Day Trip

This one takes a little more planning but I find it is really great at connecting us. Plan a day around your own city or town and act like a tourist. Visit a local museum or park. Spend the morning, afternoon, or all day out of the house. The goal is to forget the to-do list of back to school and enjoy the time with each other.

Movie Night

Often after a busy day at school the kids want to relax. This is a perfect option for family movie night. Have dinner on a picnic blanket while watching a movie or get your favorite snacks. Make it cozy and fun without a lot of fuss. I like to start a little early so the movie is over at bedtime and the kids get the sleep they need.

back to school family time

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Start a Tradition

We love doing family traditions. This can be a Friday movie night or Taco Tuesdays. Make something special that the family can look forward to. We like to do weekly traditions but we also do seasonal traditions like apple picking. Find something special in your town that you can do with your family.

back to school family time

Back to school will be here before you know it. It is exciting and fun but it keeps my family busy and I love planning these special moments to connect. I love finding new and inspiring ideas to connect with my family. Visit Goldfish® for back to school family fun inspiration. What does your family do to stay connected during back to school time?


back to school family time


  1. Momma To Go | 25th Jul 17

    during the school year, i like Friday night movie nights (wine for grown ups) and def fall is great for day trips in our area!

    • Leah | 27th Jul 17

      Yes! Anything where we can all relax together is the best!

  2. April | Minivan Adventures | 25th Jul 17

    All great ideas! We do family game nights occasionally and family movie nights frequently. I’m in the same boat as you. My youngest will be starting kindergarten this September so ALL of my kids will be attending school five full days a week. It’s going to be a big adjustment for all of us, and we are starting to change a few of our daily routines now to help everyone transition successfully in a few weeks.

    • Leah | 27th Jul 17

      Its bitter sweet! I am excited for my kids to start this new chapter and myself too! Good luck!

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