Holiday Shopping with Dosh: A Few of My Favorite Things

I have finally finished all of my Christmas shopping and it was so nice to use the Dosh app to help get a little bit of cash back. Dosh is a great app for earning cash back on everyday purchases as well as travel and going out to your favorite restaurant. This year I am did my holiday shopping with Dosh and it was an easy way to save this holiday season.

This post is in partnership with Dosh. All of the opinions are honest and my own. 

If you have not started using Dosh yet, the holidays are a great time to start. Dosh is an app that you use on everyday purchases to get cash back. It is as easy as signing up, connecting a credit card, and shopping at your favorite places for the holidays. Sign Up here and start saving money this holiday.

I prefer to do my holiday shopping online and Dosh makes it so easy. All of my favorite holiday shops are online and I get the same deals as if I went directly to the merchants website. From the comfort of your home you can do your holiday shopping and earn cash back without adding extra steps. Click the Dosh App and search for your favorite store, then start shopping. I have also used Dosh for our travel. Learn How I Save Money for Travel Using Dosh

Holiday Shopping with Dosh

Shutterfly to Share the Year with Family and Friends

Every year I spend time creating a family year book of the previous year. This is a great gift to share with my family to celebrate our year. Shutterfly is available through the Dosh app. I did all of my editing on the desktop and then added it to my cart. When I was ready to order I went to Shutterfly through Dosh and placed my order. If you are sending holiday cards out this year or making personalized gifts using Dosh for your Shutterfly order is a great way to get cash back this holiday season.

Holiday Shopping with Dosh

Family Gift

This year for our family gift we decided to purchase a basketball hoop for our new house. Our last house was on a busy street and our drive way sloped to the road. In our new house we have the space for a basketball hoop and I’m so excited to have family games this spring. As soon as I knew we were looking for the basketball hoop I went on Dosh and then to Walmart. From there it was easy to order and I was happy to earn a little extra back.

Holiday Shopping with Dosh

Special Dinner Out with the Family

During the month of December we have a family tradition of doing a Christmas Countdown Calendar. We have been doing this for about 5 years now and everyone is the house loves it. Read more about our Christmas Countdown. One of our countdown days is usually a special dinner out with family. Using Dosh we can search our location to find a new or family favorite restaurant to enjoy our special dinner out. When using the Dosh app at restaurants all you have to do is use the connected credit card. The cash back is automatically added to your Dosh wallet.

Travel for the Holidays

My husband and I like to give the gift of travel to our family for the holidays. Every year we add something under the Christmas tree that is for our upcoming year. Last year we added a special travel book with clues for where our next adventure would take us. (We went to LEGOLAND and you can read about our visit here.) This year we have a few surprises for the kids. I love that with Dosh you can search travel and find comparable deals while earning cash back.

Holiday Shopping with Dosh

Find Something for Everyone on Your List

I love being able to do all my shopping in one place and that place is usually Target. You can do your online shopping at Target through Dosh and it is just like shopping through the Target website but you will earn cash for your Dosh wallet. Our Christmas list ranges from our 90 year old Great Grandma to our 4 month old niece and everyone in between. I need to be able to do all the shopping in one spot, and using Target through the Dosh app gives me that. I also like holiday shopping at Target because you can easily do returns, even when something is purchased online. Start your shopping now using Dosh and earn money back. Sign up here.

More of My Favorite Places to Use the Dosh App:

  • Chuck E. Cheese
  • GAP
  • Old Navy
  • LEGO
  • Barnes & Noble
  • shopDisney
  • Sam’s Club
  • Hallmark

Dosh is great for holiday shopping. It offers so many different places to shop online and in-store. It also helps us celebrate the holidays with special dinners out and family time. I love how easy it is to use and how it works on purchases I am already making.

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Holiday Shopping with Dosh



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