Holiday Family Movie Night Traditions to Enjoy this Christmas

There is something so special about getting cozy with your family during the holiday season. Picking a holiday movie to enjoy is a family tradition that helps our family celebrate the joys of the holidays. We watch a lot of holiday movies through December but we have a few family favorites that always make our list. These holiday family movies are classics in our home. They connect us and fill us with the holiday spirit all month long.

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One of our big family traditions is family movie nights. For me there is nothing better then getting on your favorite pajamas, finding a cozy blanket, a great movie, and my family on the couch. As a mom seeing us all cuddled together enjoying a movie is relaxing and heart warming. Holiday family movie nights are extra special because they bring the joy of Christmas and family time together.

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Holiday Family Movie Night

Our Favorite Holiday Family Movie Night Movies

The Grinch(The Original)

I love watching The Grinch. Every year we watch it and it is always on our list for our Christmas Countdown. Often I will read the book and do a few activity sheets to make a fun night of it. We love the original cartoon movie but have included the live action movie in our holiday schedule.

Everything You Need to Plan a Grinch Movie Night:

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas is a great crossover movie. We watch it at Halloween but it is great for Christmas. Make it a Thanksgiving weekend tradition to get ready for the start of the Christmas season. This movie can be a little intense for little ones. Each child is different and gets scared by different things. My kids started watching it at around 4 and up and were all okay with it.

Everything You Need to Plan The Nightmare Before Christmas Movie Night:

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The Polar Express

This movie is what the magic of Christmas is all about. I love the sounds and the art work of the movie. We watch it every Christmas Eve and it is one of my favorites. The magic of Christmas is weaved through this amazing story of believing in the Christmas spirit. It is the best

Everything You Need to Plan Your Polar Express Movie Night:

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The Prep + Landing Series

When Prep & Landing was first released they were an instant holiday movie classic for my family. There are three different movies: Prep & Landing, Prep & Landing: Naughty & Nice, and Prep & Landing Operation Secret Santa. Our favorites are the original Prep & Landing and Prep & Landing: Naughty & Nice. These little elves will win you and your family over and Prep & Landing will be a holiday classic for your family too.

Everything You Need to Plan Your Prep & Landing Movie Night:

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I always include these holiday family movie favorites in our family Christmas countdown. Learn more about how I plan our Christmas countdown and why it is my favorite family tradition we do year after year.

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