Holiday Gifts for Kids

This year I want to share fun Holiday Gifts for Kids that you can really use.  I want the gifts to be thoughtful, fun, affordable, and last through the year. This year I want to minimize the stuff and buy gifts that have a better purpose.  I look around my house and see many “I need that” Christmas gifts that haven’t been used since 2015.  This year I want it to be different.  I want gifts that my kids will enjoy throughout the year. Take a peek at what my kids are getting under the tree. (Shhhh…don’t tell them!)

Holiday Gifts for Kids

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Holiday Gifts for Kids

Travel Tales by olly & hue

My family loves to travel. I am already planning all the little and big trips I would like to take next year.  The Travel Tales travel journals from olly & hue are my favorite find of the year! The journals have pages of daily thoughts about your trips as well as a little pocket in the back for souveniers. I love these journals and can’t wait to use them on our next road trip! As a special treat to my readers use the code fivefortheroad to receive a discount.  These are perfect for a small road trip or a long trip on a plane.  They might be my favorite gift…maybe I should get myself one!

Holiday Gifts for Kids

Kindle Fire

Last year I tried to stay away from electronics but I found myself buying things the kids didn’t really want.  Balancing screen time is a constant in our house.  Electronics are a part of our lives though for better or worse. We decided to get them each Kindle Fires this year.  I was really excited to learn about Kindle Freetime.  It is a monthly subscription that includes kids friendly books, games, movies, and shows.  It is $9.99 for a family up to four children.  There are also discounts for prime members and a 1 month trial.  I am looking forward to giving this a try with my kids this year. Look for my full review of it in the new year!

Tsum Tsum

Disney is my favorite! I love the movies and the theme parks.  Tsum Tsum just make me smile.  We have them from when we visited the parks in March but have also picked them up at Target. They are just adorable and make great stocking stuffers!!

Holiday Gifts for Kids

Ultimate Sticker Collection

We have Star Wars, Pokemon, Lego Minifigures, Tsum Tsum, and many more.  I typically buy these when we are going on a long car ride.  It keeps the kids busy and they really love filling in the books.  This year I am looking at the American Girl Doll and Disney Infinity.  They are really great books.


We are a Lego family.  Every birthday and holiday my kids ask for a Lego set.  They can be pricey but they offer your child endless amounts of fun. For the younger kids Lego Duplos are fantastic.  My kids always love playing with the characters from their favorite TV shows.  This year we are looking at Lego Friends, Minecraft, and Scooby-Doo.  I am always impressed with the hard work and time my kids put into creating their sets.

Did any of these make your list? Take the stress out of your holiday shopping this year and shop in your pajamas from home. Shop my list online and have Christmas goodies delivered to your door.  I can’t wait to surprise my kids with these Holiday gifts!


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  1. Kiley Smith | 2nd Dec 16

    We are a LEGO family too! My kids get a set every Christmas!

  2. Laura | 2nd Dec 16

    The travel book is super cute! We are diving into legos this year with Logan. My brothers and I received a LEGO set every year for Christmas when we were kids and I kind of wanted to continue the tradition. This is a great list and it’s funny because it’s a lot of what we love too! ?

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