Holiday Cheer with Tile for Christmas

Holiday shopping can be so stressful. Finding the perfect gift for each person on your list is often daunting and takes away from the joy of the holiday. This season I want to slow down and enjoy the moments. I am so happy I discovered Tile for Christmas to ease my holiday shopping stress, keep track of everything while we travel, and bring my family holiday cheer this season.

Tile is the world’s largest blue tooth tracking device that helps you keep track of anything your don’t want to lose. Tile is easy to set-up and uses an app on your phone to help you find all things that are special to your family. It has helped the community find over 2 million items as “together we find” brings the community together to easily help each other find lost items. This Christmas Tile is bringing my family holiday cheer by making the holidays easy and fun while at home or on the road.


Holiday Cheer with Tile for Christmas

Keeps Our Favorite Cuddly Friends Safe During Holiday Travel

We travel a lot, and one of my biggest fears when traveling is that we might lose one of my kids beloved stuffed animal. They all have a special stuffed animal that travels with us. My son especially has one that has been with us since he was born. It goes with him around the house and when we are traveling. It is irreplaceable and using Tile during our holiday travel would be one less thing we need to worry about.

Tile for Christmas

During our most recent vacation we searched all over the hotel room for his stuffed animal and finally found it under the sheets of the made bed. With Tile it would have saved us time and worry of losing this favorite of my sons forever.

Helps Us Keep Our Camera’s Near to Capture the Perfect Holiday Moment

During the holidays I love to capture the moments with video and pictures. There are times when I am so busy I set my phone down and then forget where it is…missing the perfect moment. Tile can help you find your phone, even if it is on silent. This will be a huge help for me and my husband as we prepare for the holiday season.

Tile for Christmas

My phone is often on silent and I love that Tile will help you find it. I was wondering how this would work when I can’t use the app, and I was amazed at the genius of it! Push the button on your Tile to activate the Find My Phone feature. If your phone is within 100 foot Bluetooth range it will ring loudly, even if it’s on silent. This will be a life saver during the busy holidays!

Perfect Gift for Friends and Family

Tile makes a great gift for the anyone in your life. Teachers, bosses, friends, and family; everyone will enjoy how helpful Tile is. Shopping is made easy with the multipacks and online ordering. Cross everyone off your list with this one time stop. I know that making many stops during the holiday shopping season is exhausting. I love that Tile is great for everyone and is easy as ordering from your home.

Tile for Christmas

So Many Ways to Use All Year Long

I think the best gifts are the gifts that you can use into the new year. Tile has so many uses and ways to help you keep your special items close. Some of my favorite ways to you use Tile are:

  • Laptop
  • Stuffed Animal
  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Wallet
  • Purse
  • Coat
  • Luggage
  • Kids Instruments
  • Sport’s Equipment

The list could go on and on. I love that all ages can benefit from using Tile. Together We Find brings together the community and families to help keep our special things close and never have to worry about losing again. Give the gift of finding this holiday season. Learn more here.


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Tile for Christmas Holiday Gift


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