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Hello!  Welcome to Five for the Road.  My name is Leah. I am so excited to start this blog(thanks for reading!). I have always wanted to be a blogger but had no idea where to start.  I would start a blog and then not publish it.  I did this 3-4 times since my daughter was born in 2008.  That fear inside of me just grew.  I was afraid of being judged.  Judged as a mom, a wife, a writer.  I was so scared to put myself out there.  Then in the summer of 2016 something inside me changed.  I start discussing the idea of blogging again with my family and friends and everyone was very encouraging.  Of course they love me and they support me but they also believed in me and gave me the push I needed.  The passion inside me to write and share our story was only growing.

The final moment that pushed me to put myself out there was looking at my 3 kids.  I have a daughter born in 2008 and two sons born in 2010/2012. I thought about the advice I would give them.  I would tell them not to listen to the fear, but listen to your heart.  You may not please everyone but at the end of the day you have to make yourself happy.  Blogging would make me happy.  It wouldn’t be easy, as I am learning.  And it is a lot more than just writing, but if the love for writing is there the rest will just fall into place.  I decided to take a chance on something my heart is telling me to do. So….Here I am!!!

Hi, I’m Leah!

I knew I was ready to commit to blogging. My kids are a little older(8, 6, 4) and I have more free time then I ever had. I really can’t believe my daughter was born 8 years ago or that I have been a parent for almost a decade but it is true!! I was also pregnant at some point from 2007-2012…yes….6 years straight at some point I was pregnant. Crazy, right!! To think that it has been almost five years since I had a baby is crazy too! At one point I had 2 kids in diapers and 3 kids under 5 years old home all day long!!!

To make things crazier we moved a few times. I grew up South of Buffalo, NY and I thought I would raise my children there. We moved to Pittsburgh, PA after we got married. I was excited and scared and cried for a very long time! Every visit back home would send me into a week of sadness. Combine that with pregnancy, hormones, and taking care of babies and it was a crazy mix.

Our years in Pittsburgh was very lonely at times. Looking back it was the best bonding time for our family.  Most days it was just me and my oldest daughter(O). Then came along my middle son(D). A week after he was born we learned we would be moving to Rochester, NY. I have to admit I was not that excited. Living in Buffalo I had visited Rochester a handful of times but didn’t know too much other than the fact that they have an amazing Children’s Museum(Very True). I was really sad that we were not moving back to Buffalo and I also just had a baby. I tried to make the best of it and 2 months later we were moving into our new home in a suburb outside of the city of Rochester.

I mostly put on a happy face all the while kind of bummed that we were in Rochester. I just kept comparing it to back home. In 2012 we welcomed my youngest son (J) into the family. To say the years at home with three kids was crazy is an understatement. It was so hard and I cried…a lot. Years went by and I still had my heart in Buffalo. I tried to make it home and I did for a while but last year things finally started creeping back in. I missed my family and I guess it was hard to give up on the dream of raising my kids in Buffalo. At this point I had to make a change. I could either sit and compare Rochester to everywhere I’ve ever lived or start to live in Rochester and soak up everything it has.

I chose to embrace it.  Our journey may not look like what I had envisioned but it was happening.  I could sit and be unhappy or I could choose my own path to happiness.  I’m happy I did! Discovering a city that you live in is like being on vacation! You find new things everyday!

Why, Blogging?

I started this blog because I love to write.  This love has always been in me since I was young.  I would write in journals constantly.  I loved getting my ideas and emotions out there.  It has always been a natural outlet for me.  Blogging felt like a natural fit. I love the blogging community. The blogging community is full of passionate amazing people. So I started a blog a month ago and just went for it.  I started writing about travel and local things my family does.  My focus was everywhere.  Blogging is not as simple as I thought and I was finding limitations within my website.  I wanted my blog to be more than that. Then it hit me! I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  I want my blog to be a place where families can look for inspiration to encourage them to embrace the adventure of their own family.  Five for the Road had a purpose.

Why, Five for the Road?

As a kid I loved getting in the car and going for drives.  They were mini-adventures.  Often stopping for ice cream along the way or at a park.  It was the feeling of togetherness and family bonding. We connected.  Now more than ever that connection needs to be nurtured.  Families are busy and electronics are everywhere. This blog is to encourage you to embrace your families adventure.  It could be a day trip, a mountain climb, or playing baseball in your backyard.  Its about creating those lasting family connections.  Everyones road is different but we all have the same goal: creating a happy family life.

This is where I am today. I started this blog with a vague travel family adventure focus and I find myself leaning closer to home. The place where I am raising my kids and the place that I was closed off to but am now seeing in a new light. I want this blog to be a place that families can come to and be inspired. I will share our everyday adventures and travels and hope that you find inspiration to start planning your own family adventures. I am so excited about this new journey and look forward to sharing our story with you.






  1. Denise | 5th Oct 16

    Congratulations on your blog! Starting is always the hardest part. I had been wanting to start mine for years before I actually got the nerve to do it. Excited to grow this crazy journey along with you!

    • Leah | 5th Oct 16

      Thank you Denise! Yes, I think once you commit it just starts to go!! Me too!

  2. Heather Wegner | 4th Oct 16

    Awww! This is so cool Leah, I love it! I will be following along. Your website looks great too! Congratulations 🙂

    • Leah | 4th Oct 16

      Thanks Heather! It is great to have such positive support from all over. Thank you!

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