Fun Ways to Teach Kids Healthy Eating Habits

As a mom of school-age kids we have a lot of snacks in the house and I am always trying to find fun ways to teach kids healthy eating habits. My kids are always hungry and it is important for me to help teach them healthy eating habits. To do this, I like to give them the tools to make healthy choices. I believe the best way to teach is through fun hands-on experiences. I like to get my kids involved in the process and give them an opportunity to guide their learning. Over the weekend we had an opportunity to learn more about healthy eating habits and how to make good choices.

The apple orchard is my happy place and we finally made it. I honestly didn’t know if we would have a chance this year because of our move. We were so busy and September flew by us. Apple picking is one of our favorite family traditions and I make it a priority every year. This year I had to say no to a few weekend activities and we spent the morning at the apple orchard.

teach your kids healthy eating habits

I love this family tradition so much because everyone enjoys it and it encourages healthy eating habits. When they pick the apples they are so excited to eat the apples. Usually they are eating them before we even leave the orchard. They taste so fresh and the kids feel a sense of ownership. These are their apples!!

Incorporate teaching healthy eating habits into your day to day life. The kids will see it as fun and you will give them a lifetime of healthy habits. 

The kids love picking out the perfect apple and they take it very seriously. They inspect each one to make sure there are no bumps or bruises, and pick each one with care. As we walk up and down the rows and rows of apples it gives us an opportunity to slow down as a family and be in the moments. We talk about where the apples come from and why some apples are in season and some are not.

teach your kids healthy eating habits

Every year we pick gala apples and to our surprise the season was over. We were a little discouraged but had the chance to try empire and I think we have another favorite!! It was a great moment to talk to the kids about how our food grows. We talked about the seasons of our fruit and vegetables. How the weather affects the growth season? How where you live affects what you can pick? We also started talking about where other food we eat comes from.

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One of our favorite family snacks are Goldfish. You can say we are a Goldfish family! I love the smaller bags to carry around with us when we are on the go and I use the big boxes as snacks at school and in lunches. As we started talking about where apples come from we started talking about where Goldfish ingredients come from. A few reasons I’ve always liked Goldfish crackers as a family snack is they are “always baked with 100% Real Cheddar Cheese, No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives, & Color Sourced from plants.”

teach your kids healthy eating habits

I think it is great that Goldfish uses color sourced from plants to color their Goldfish crackers. They are a staple in our house and it makes me feel good that Goldfish crackers are a snack I can feel good about serving to my kids.

Goldfish cracker colors come from red beet juice, watermelon, Turmeric, and Huito to name a few. Each color has a story and origin that you can read more about here. I shared this with my kids and they were really impressed. It made them think about where their food comes from and helped them to start making connections between what they eat and where it comes from.

Goldfish is having YOU become part of the story. You and your family can “Plant Your Vote” for special edition bags that will be released in Spring 2018. In the spring the special edition Goldfish bag will be the color that got the most votes. My family voted, make sure your family votes too! Vote Here!

teach your kids healthy eating habits

Another thing I love about the apple orchard is taking a family picture. We visited every year and every year I take a few pictures(okay, a lot of pictures) of the kids. It is one of those memories that I hold so close to my heart. It is a tradition I hope to carry with my kids as they grow up and start their own families.

teach your kids healthy eating habits

This year we picked three different apples and when we got home we had a family tasting. We closed our eyes and picked our favorites. Of course we couldn’t leave our favorite family snack out so we tried the different Goldfish colors too!! I am so happy we made apple picking a priority this year and didn’t let it slip passed us. It was a great way to spend the weekend and we learned that apples and Goldfish make a delicious pairing!

Want to learn more about Goldfish colors? Read more about it here.

Want to vote?? Get your kids involved and let them vote too!


teach kids healthy eating habits

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