Family Fun Ways to Think Spring and #HeartYourPlanet

Spring has been a long time coming and I am hoping it is finally here to stay. The spring weather brings everyone out and starts this energy that motivates us to do more. We open the windows and do spring cleaning. At our house we like to use the nicer weather to motivate us to get out and do more for the environment with small family fun activities that are easy for the entire family.

This post is sponsored by Kimberly- Clark Family Care Brands but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Spring activities are so fun because you can easily involve the kids. They can come up with fun ways to do more for the environment. I’ve partnered with Kimberly-Clark to share their Heart Your Planet initiative. It is a great way to do more for the planet this spring and spend time with your family.

Get Creative

I try to teach my kids that less can be more. To help them get creative with what we already own instead of trying to get the next big thing. Reducing waste of toys and packaging can be easy if you get creative with play time. Let the kids use boxes that will be recycled to build a fort. My son had a blast using the Cottonelle, Scott, and Kleenex boxes to build his city while playing. It is the little things and you will be amazed at what kids can create when given the chance.

Plan a Tech Free Night

The weather is getting nicer out and it is perfect for a bike ride or walk. We have our new basketball hoop up and playing after dinner has been one of our favorite family activities. Taking a break from electronics is good for the planet and good for everyone. Time spent outside makes everyone more happy and it is a great way to encourage family time.

Order the Household Essentials from Amazon

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These products are conveniently available on Amazon! So it is a total win-win. You purchase products you already need, help support initiatives to conserve our planet, and save time running errands. This allows you more time with your family and less time driving around town. Also if you subscribe to Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program you will receive free shipping and an additional 15% off when you subscribe to 5 or more products. Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Get the Kids Involved

Ask them what they could do around the house to help the Earth. We use refillable water bottles and all the papers that come home from school are put in a bin to recycle and use the back as scrap paper. The kids help to turn off the lights and electronic devices when we are not using them. There are so many little ways they can help around the house. Encourage them to come up with their own ideas.

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Wherever your family adventure may lead you this spring take action with these easy steps to help keep our Earth beautiful for generations to come.

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