How to Create Your Family Command Center

Back to school has finally arrived for most of the country and with it brings the excitement of new teachers, friends, and routine. It also brings lots and lots of paperwork. With 3 kids in school, 3rd, 1st, and preschool, I had to figure out a way to organize all the information coming into the house. After trying a few different ideas I came up with the perfect Family Command Center for my family! Follow the steps to create your own organized family space and make the transition to school that much easier.


1. Lay it All Out
When I started I wrote down everything I wanted for my center. I knew I needed a monthly calendar, weekly calendar, bulletin board, and clipboards for each kids activities. Everyone has different needs. You might have a child that has a few after school activities and needs more than one clipboard. If you lay it all out, or make a list of all the sections you want, it allows you to see what you actually need. Also, consider what works for you. Are you a visual person? Do you want a family menu? Do you or your spouse need a clipboard? There are a lot of options available and it helps to spend some time brainstorming what you will use and what will be most useful.

2. Buy Supplies
Before you run out to the store decide where you are going to have your command center. It may be an entryway or hallway. Mine is in the kitchen and it is where I am often planning our weeks. Decide what works for you before you buy your supplies. Then measure and know how much space you have to work with. I suggest searching online for different dry erase boards, calendars, and bulletin boards to see what styles you like. My bulletin board is from Joann Fabrics. The calendar and dry erase board are from Target. Clipboards were purchased at the Dollar Tree! Seriously $1 each. Always check your local Dollar Store first for the least expensive choices. You can often find everything you need there.


family command center

3. Put it Together
On to the fun part!!! You have all your supplies home and you are ready to organize it. I suggest setting them up on the floor or a large table to see what fits and how you want the area to look. Now hang it and add your papers to the correct clipboards. I also like to add a fun piece or decoration. I added the kitchen sign and a few cute magnets to my dry erase board to add some color and because they make me happy! I also added pictures to the bulletin board and a few postcards from places we visited over the summer. I try to go through the clipboards once a month or as the reminders pass so that I don’t have to waste my weekends and evenings sorting. Now that you have a place for all those papers that you will receive at upcoming curriculum nights. Enjoy!!

Do you have any tips for organizing school stuff? Share them in the comments.


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