Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time Family Movie Review

You know when you see a trailer for a movie and it is so visually stunning you can’t wait to check it out. That is how we felt about Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time. The costumes and the beautiful set designs made this movie top on my families must see list. Over the weekend we finally had a chance to see Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time and we’re sharing our thoughts to help you decide if it is a good pick for your family.

Disclaimer: We were given tickets to see A Wrinkle in Time during the DisneySMMC. All opinions are honest and my own. 

I have been wanting to see A Wrinkle in Time ever since I saw the trailer. It looked magical and the cast was perfect. On our visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios they had a 10 minute preview for guests and we took full advantage. As soon as the preview was done my son said “I want to see the rest!”. I couldn’t have agreed more. The movie looked amazing.

Disney's A Wrinkle in Time Movie Tickets

A few weekends after we returned from Florida we had an opportunity to go and see the full movie. First I accidentally purchased the tickets for the 3D showing. We don’t usually do full length 3D movies but we were stuck. Thankfully everyone really enjoyed it and the 3D aspect only enhanced the movie.

I have not read the book yet, so I can’t compare it, but Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time was a great family friendly(I’ll get back to this point) movie, that we all really enjoyed.

What You Can Expect from Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time

Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time is Visually Stunning

Every scene in A Wrinkle in Time is visually amazing. It is colorful and the background becomes part of the story. I loved the costumes and the attention to details in every seen. Even the scenes that take place at Meg’s home are interesting and pop for the audience.The scenery and costumes set the stage for an amazing story.

WDS Media A Wrinkle In Time
Photo Courtesy: Walt Disney Studios Media

Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time Brings Creativity and Fantasy to Life

The story of A Wrinkle in Time bends the conventional rules and takes you on an incredible journey through space and time. From the background to the costumes, everything comes together to tell the story. It stops your everyday thinking and makes you start thinking “What If?” This is storytelling at it’s best when you can leave a movie wondering more about the story and possibilities.

WDS Media A Wrinkle in Time
Photo Courtesy: Walt Disney Studios Media

The It Scenes

Without spoiling any of the movie the main protagonist is the “It”. The “It” does not have a face or a body but is a feeling and emotion. This can be scarier then an actual person or “bad guy”. You feel the evil during these scenes and it can be a little scary for younger kids.

My kids are 10, 7, and 5 and enjoyed the movie. It wasn’t until we were home and I was asking what they thought, that my 5 year old mentioned it was a little scary. He enjoyed the middle but the scenes at the end were a little intense for him. He didn’t act visibly affected by it during the movie but it was a little scary.

Adult Storyline and Theme

At times the theme of the movie can be more adult focused. At other times the theme applies to all ages. During the scenes when they talk about the “It” and how evil can touch every one through jealousy, competition, and self-esteem, it can be a bit intense. This scene is very short and maybe lasts 1-2 minutes.

The other themes of the story are wonderful for all ages. The movie is brilliantly casted and is inspiring to people of all ages, color, and gender. The theme throughout is to believe in yourself. To follow what is in your heart and what you think is right, no matter what obstacle may come your way.

Disney's A Wrinkle in Time Mrs WhatsIt WDS Media
Photo Courtesy: Walt Disney Studios Media

What Age do I Recommend for Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time

The movie is great for school-aged children and adults but I would say it is best for ages 7 and up.

My youngest did enjoy it but if he didn’t have older siblings I would have waited to take him. He has seen many live action movies and was prepared for what to expect. When my daughter(my oldest) was that age I would have waited for the movie to come out on DVD. It is sometimes easier to watch a movie at home, especially if you are worried how your child may react. It always depends on your child and you know them best.

Have you seen Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time? What did you think?

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  1. Momma To Go | 22nd Mar 18

    honestly, this movie was not my thing. beautiful costumes and make up though

    • Leah | 29th Mar 18

      The costumes were amazing!!

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