Alex & Me: Family Movie Review + Interview with Siena Agudong(DVD Release)

We are at the start of soccer season in my house and it was the perfect time to watch Alex & Me. Alex & Me is the new soccer movie staring Alex Morgan and Sienna Agudong. I had an opportunity to screen the movie and interview one of the film stars: Siena Agudong. It was a really fun experience to watch the movie with my family and talk to Siena about what motivated her to do this role and what she hopes people take from it.

Check out my family movie review of Alex & Me. Spoiler Free! This post is in partnership with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.  All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

My initial reaction when I watched Alex & Me was that it was such a great movie for young girls. My daughter is ten and I love that more movies are being made that really resonate with her. I’m tired of the mean girls movies and am loving the positive movies that have come out recently. Daphne & Velma is another fun movie for kids that stays true to a positive message for our young girls.

Alex & Me Spoiler Free Details

Reagan (Sienna Agudong) is an aspiring soccer player who lives in the shadows of her superstar football player brother, Logan. When Reagan gets cut from the premiere soccer team and has a minor accident to the head, she turns to her soccer hero Alex Morgan for inspiration. Then everything starts to change!
alex & meWithout giving too much away, Reagan learns to follow her dreams by finding her inner passion and determination. Alex & Me is not just a soccer movie. It has many personal lessons for our kids like how to follow your passion and not to give up, even when facing challenges. It also shows how family can come together to support and encourage our dreams.

The family aspect was a surprising bonus in the film. I really enjoyed how they developed the relationships with Raegan and her parents and brother. It was refreshing to see a family on screen that supports one another and works through their problems. As the movie concludes you feel inspired and encouraged to find the inspiration inside us all to follow your passions.

Check Out the Trailer for Alex & Me

Interview with Siena Agudong for Alex & Me

I was really excited to talk with Siena Agudong for a quick phone interview. My kids helped me put together a list of questions that they wanted to know about the movie too!

What attracted you to Alex & Me?

“I liked the script because it promotes working hard and how that can lead to amazing things. I also liked the family aspect of the movie.”

Have you played soccer before?

“Yes but never as much experience as I do now. Training for the film made me even more excited to play soccer again. Before filming I went through 2 weeks of soccer training with trainers. I also practiced with Alex between takes and learned a lot of new tricks from her.”  

Did you have a stunt double do the “soccer game” scenes?

“I was determined to not have a stunt double for the film and ended up doing everything myself.” 

Were the other actors trained in soccer?

“Most girls played soccer before and had a lot of experience. We would hang out after shooting and play soccer at the hotel.” 

When did you start acting?

“When I was about 6 years old I started doing plays and have been acting for 5.5 years.

What was the most difficult part of making the movie?

“Learning and mastering the soccer tricks.” 

How you balance school and acting?

“When I’m home I go to school but I work online and with a set tutor when working.” 

Do you have time to play after school activities or sports?

“I like to play soccer, sing, and go to beach with my family.” 

You have a YouTube channel. What advice do you have for kids that want a YouTube channel and Social Media?

“Be careful but have fun with it. Be creative and yourself.”

What do you want people to take from the movie?

“Raegan loses hope but believes in herself and works hard. I hope people get that if you work hard and never give up it will get you places.”

Thank you so much to Sienna for chatting with me. It was so fun to talk to you about Alex & Me and learn about all the training that went into the movie.

Family Movie Review of Alex & Me

This movie may be a “girls” soccer movie but we all really enjoyed it. The lessons through the movie can be for everyone in the family and it is a perfect movie for all ages. The movie is rated G and is appropriate for all ages. The soccer theme is throughout the movie but the life lessons of following your dreams is relatable for anything in life.

Alex & Me is available June 12, 2018 on Digital and June 19, 2018 on Blue-Ray/DVD. Bonus Features include Getting to Know Alex, Aspire to Inspire: Success in Hard Work, Soccer, Script to Set: A Playbook on Alex & Me, and Outtakes. Learn more at Warner Bros. Entertainment.

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