Adventures of a Kitchen Rookie

I have to let you in on a little secret.  I don’t cook. Ever.  My husband does most of the meal cooking and shopping and I do the kids lunches and snacks.  This year one of my goals is to try new things and not be afraid to fail.  I felt that this would be a perfect time to face my fear of cooking. With that in mind, last week I started a 3-day adventure of a kitchen rookie with Hello Fresh food. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by HelloFresh.  All opinions are honest and my own.  Read more about my Disclosure Policy.

How I Became a Kitchen Rookie?

I never thought I would be a stay at home mom that didn’t cook.  When my husband and I first got married I would cook on occasion.  On the weekends my husband would could amazing meals. He scoured the internet for recipes and started watching cooking shows.  As our family grew my husband’s interest in cooking grew.  Soon he became the “master chef” in our house.

We began eating wonderful meals.  Instead of basic spaghetti from a jar he would make his own sauce.  He cooked so amazing.  It made me happy that I could focus on other things in the house and he would focus on dinners.  Plus, it made him happy.  He loved creating recipes and making dinners for us.

Adventures of a Kitchen Rookie

Slowly a funny thing happened…

I forgot how to do anything in the kitchen!

Seriously, I can barely boil pasta anymore.  I am a total rookie in the kitchen. This is not good. I needed help.  HelloFresh meal delivery service came at a perfect time for me.  They deliver meals to you fully portioned out and include a colorful easy to follow along recipe book.  I placed my order and anxiously waited for my three-day cooking adventure to begin.

Kitchen Rookie Day 1:

I was not sure what to expect from my promise of making three meals this week.  I was so nervous.  The package arrived and I couldn’t wait to open it.  I was curious how they would send fresh food and meat in the mail.  It was packaged with ice packs and each meal was in its own box.

Adventures of a Kitchen Rookie

The first meal I would make was Spanish One-Pan Chicken. It looked delicious and it had Chorizo in it! Yum!! My kids all loved sausage so I was happy this was a meal the entire family could eat.  I read over the instructions and laid out the ingredients.

It was time to face my fears and go for it.

I started the prep work and got stuck on cutting the onion!! Lucky for me my husband walked in from work and was willing to help me.  Who knew an onion could slow me down so much? I called in reinforcements and my daughter helped me chop the vegetables.  It was nearing 6:30 and our family needed to eat.  I admitted defeat and let my husband finish the job.  I was disappointed that I didn’t finish but my family was getting hungry and this rookie was not up for the task.

Adventures of a Kitchen Rookie

The meal was fantastic and I was proud of myself for trying.  After dinner, I finished clean up and mentally prepared for day 2.

Kitchen Rookie Day 2:

I came into day 2 confident.  The meal was Beefed-Up Bolognese. Pasta, beef, vegetables…these are things I can do.  I put the water on to boil and opened the box. Onions!! Oh no!! I was determined to try.

I started the cutting.  Dicing onions is so much more difficult than I ever imagined.  I watched the cooking shows all the time and it takes them seconds.  It took me about 15 minutes to dice a quarter of an onion.  Were onions going to be my demise??

Adventures of a Kitchen Rookie

Apparently, they were.  With the water boiling to the point of evaporating I had to ask my husband for help…again.  Thankfully he came in and got the ball rolling. I started to cut the carrots but the typical prep of 10 minutes had already taken me 30.

I was so thankful that all the ingredients in the Hello Fresh box were portioned out and ready to go. My prep time was cut in half and that is saying a lot!  I took a step back and helped him with whatever he needed.  I boiled the pasta. (Celebrate small wins!) and browned the beef.

I really loved how Hello Fresh has the freshest ingredients.  Everything we had was fresh and tasted amazing.

Adventures of a Kitchen Rookie

The meal was great and it was nice that we worked together to get it done. At this point I was feeling a little defeated and I took a few days off. The weekend was here and we were busy. I wanted to give myself time to take on meal three. This rookie was not giving up.

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Kitchen Rookie Day 3:

My last day of my rookie chef adventure was here.  I looked over my recipe…Crispy Sole. I had to look and see what Sole is. (It’s fish.)  I love grilled fish and vegetable and I was ready to get started. As a bonus-No onions! This gave me the confidence to get in there and get it done!!

I started by cutting the potatoes and preparing the green beans.  This took me longer than the seasoned chef but I knew I could do it.  My knife cuts may not be perfect but I am a work in progress and that is okay.  We made this for lunch on Sunday so I had much less of a time crunch.

Adventures of a Kitchen Rookie

My husband was in the kitchen with me as I cooked and he naturally jumped in to help.  I think he can’t help himself.  He seasoned the fish and cooked it while I drizzled the vegetables with olive oil and got them in the oven.

As we worked together in the kitchen a funny thing came over me.

I will always be a rookie in the kitchen and my husband will always be the chef but what started as a me adventure became a we adventure.

When he cooks we are never together.  I am usually working around the house and helping the kids.  He is usually making dinner.   This adventure of mine brought us together in the kitchen.  We were finding a rhythm and having fun doing it.  We laughed over my knife cuts and onion aversion. I learned how to cut a vegetable and we enjoyed great meals together.

Adventures of a Kitchen Rookie

HelloFresh brought our two ways of cooking together in a way I never imagined.  We ate great food and got to enjoy each other while creating it.  They offer classic, family, and veggie meal plans to fit any family.  I am so excited to share a special code for my readers on their first HelloFresh box. Use code fivefortheroad35 to receive $35 off a new order. Every week they have new meals to offer and they look incredible.  Our meals were fantastic and we can’t wait to try it again.

After three days in the kitchen I have to admit I am happy that I can hand the apron back to my husband.  I did grow in the kitchen and I wouldn’t say I am a rookie anymore.  My husband will still be the “master chef” in our house but with a twist.  I realized how great the moments in the kitchen can be when we work together.  It is a great way to connect with each other after a long day and it is a tradition that I hope we continue this year.

Adventures of a Kitchen Rookie

Do you have a great kitchen story? Are you a seasoned chef? A rookie? Share your stories.  I would love to hear them. 

Thank you HelloFresh for sharing your amazing food with my family.  All of the opinions in this post are my own.

Adventures of a Kitchen Rookie


  1. Momma To Go | 6th Apr 17

    I love Hello Fresh, I get boxes now and then. I can chop an onion, but we do get in food ruts. I have the same fiesta bowls!

    • Leah | 6th Apr 17

      Ha!! I really cant cut an onion to save my life!! Love Fiesta!!

  2. ukuze | 28th Feb 17

    its is awesome. sounds delicious too!

  3. ukuze | 28th Jan 17

    The food looks delicious too! its just great .will try soon

    • Leah | 31st Jan 17

      Thanks for checking it out! It was delicious!

  4. Alexandra Hammer | 13th Jan 17

    I’ve been wanting to try Hello Fresh!! It looks fun and the food turned out amazing!
    Alexandra Christine Blog

    • Leah | 13th Jan 17

      Thanks!! It was delicious!! You should give it a try!

  5. April Kusewicz | 12th Jan 17

    That is awesome. The food looks delicious too!

    • Leah | 13th Jan 17

      Thanks! It was!

  6. Dyana | 12th Jan 17

    Love this! I am not a cook and despise having to whip up a meal for my family. Honestly, I am often defeated and order take-out. I’ve been looking into HelloFresh and Blue Apron to help ease my woes although I’m not quite sure if I can afford it yet. Thanks for sharing!

    • Leah | 12th Jan 17

      Thanks for reading. The coupon code will help!! It is nice to have everything ready for you and you can pick your meals. It is really great!

  7. Nicole Banuelos | 12th Jan 17

    This looks so yummy!! Can’t wait to try Hello Fresh for myself!

    • Leah | 12th Jan 17

      Its really good. I think you’ll like it!

  8. Sara M. | 12th Jan 17

    I make most of the meals, but I have a limited repertoire. I keep wanting to try Hello Fresh just to spice it up.

    • Leah | 12th Jan 17

      You should try it out. The ideas are really helpful and change up our weekly meals.

  9. Corey | 12th Jan 17

    This was a fun post! I’ve heard great things about Hello Fresh!

    • Leah | 12th Jan 17

      Thank you for reading! The things you have heard are true. The entire family loved it!

  10. Rochelle | 11th Jan 17

    I’ve always wanted to try one of these meal services. This looks so good.

    • Leah | 12th Jan 17

      It was great! You should try it!

  11. Rachel | 11th Jan 17

    How awesome! I’ve been dying to try Hello Fresh! I’m such a horrible cook ~ ha! I could use all th ehelp I can get!

    • Leah | 12th Jan 17

      I hear ya!! It made things much easier for me for sure!

  12. Kim | 11th Jan 17

    I do love to cook but hate to clean up after!! We are trying Hello Fresh this week as well, and I have been so pleased! The ingredients and the ease of everything are making cooking fun!

    • Leah | 11th Jan 17

      I typically do clean up and my husband cooks. HelloFresh really makes it easier for any type of cook.

  13. Helen | 11th Jan 17

    I absolutely LOVE HelloFresh. I actually wrote a post about it awhile back. I can’t cook to save my life, but HelloFresh made everything so much easier!

    • Leah | 11th Jan 17

      You are in good company! HelloFresh was so helpful in making my adventure a little easier.

  14. Laura | 11th Jan 17

    You are too cute! I feel the exact same way about cooking, but my husband is NOT a chef. You are so lucky your husband likes to cook. 🙂 These meals look wonderful and I love the idea of all the ingredients coming right to the door. So great! Now if they could just send someone to cook them too! 🙂

    • Leah | 11th Jan 17

      Ha! Yes! Thank you! The Sole was my favorite.

  15. Stephanie Lowry | 11th Jan 17

    This looks so good! I haven’t tried this before, guess now is the perfect time to start! I am always looking for new dishes to cook.

    • Leah | 11th Jan 17

      It was so easy and the dishes were great. You should check out there website for sure.

  16. Julie McCullough | 11th Jan 17

    How fun! Thanks for sharing your adventure.

    • Leah | 11th Jan 17

      Thanks for reading! It really was a fun thing to do with my husband and HelloFresh was awesome.

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