About Five for the Road

Five for the Road

Five for the Road is a place for parents to find easy and fun inspiration for family travel and everyday life adventures.

What I write about?

  • Family Travel
  • Theme Parks- Reviews and Guides
  • Hotel Reviews
  • Day Trips/Weekend Getaways
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Family Fun-Activities, Games, etc.
  • Local Family Activities-Rochester, NY and surrounding areas.
  • Family Products that encourage quality family time.

Why…Five for the Road?

As a kid I loved getting in the car and going for drives.  They were mini-adventures.  Often stopping for ice cream along the way or at a park.  It was the feeling of togetherness and family bonding. We connected.  Now more than ever that connection needs to be nurtured.  Families are busy and electronics are everywhere. This blog is to encourage you to embrace your families adventure.  It could be a day trip, a mountain climb, or playing baseball in your backyard.  Its about creating those lasting family connections.  Everyone’s road is different but we all have the same goal: creating a happy family life.

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