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Sharing inspiration for families to connect, create memories & enjoy the moments.

Each family has their own story. Their own family adventure. Each family is unique but we all have the same goals-to grow a strong family. Here I share ways to foster and grow that connection through family travel and everyday life. 



Why…Five for the Road?

As a kid I loved getting in the car and going for drives. They were mini-adventures. Often stopping for ice cream along the way or at a park. It was the feeling of togetherness and family bonding. We connected. Now more than ever that connection needs to be nurtured. Families are busy and electronics are everywhere.

I started Five for the Road to encourage families to embrace their own family adventures. It could be a day trip, a mountain climb, or playing baseball in your backyard. Its about creating those lasting family connections. Everyone’s road is different but we all have the same goal: creating a happy family life.

What I Write About

  • Family Travel
  • Theme Parks- Reviews and Guides
  • Hotel Reviews
  • Day Trips/Weekend Getaways
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Family Fun-Activities, Games, etc.
  • Local Family Activities-Rochester, NY and surrounding areas.
  • Family Products that encourage quality family time.

Let’s Work Together

I love working with brands that share the same passion for creating quality family time that I do. If you would like to work together I would love to hear from you. For more information please contact me at leah @ fivefortheroad (dot) com. I look forward to working together.

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