5 Tips for Keeping Your Family Sun Smart

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Summer vacation is almost here and that means we are busy packing in the fun activities that we like to experience around our home. The weather is unpredictable and we often try to fit a lot of activities in one day. Last weekend we were really busy and I was quickly reminded of the importance of keeping my family safe in the sun. Our long winters mean we often forget about applying sunscreen and have to get back into the routine of it. Sun safety is so important to my family. This summer I am using these 5 tips to help keep my family safe in the sun.

Living in Western New York we often think the sun is not as strong as the warmer states, but that is far from the truth. Sun safety is important year round but we really start our routine as soon as the weather starts to warm up. We are busy with sports and travel. These activities are usually busy and it is easy to forget to apply sunscreen into your routine.

Like any mom I am always thinking about how to keep my family safe. I was excited to discover Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen at Walmart. Blue Lizard® was easy to find in the sunscreen aisle at Walmart and I love the fact that it is formulated for sensitive skin. The bottle also turns blue when exposed to UV sunlight. My kids thought this was so cool! They kept bringing it in and out of the house to see it change colors.

Family Fun Safe

As a mom I found it a wake up call to see that even on cooler days harmful UV rays are out. I have to admit that when the weather is in the 60s I tend to forget the sunscreen. It has been so long since the sun has been out that we enjoy the rays instead of thinking about being safe. This year I am determined to keep my family sun smart and the color changing bottle is a perfect reminder to parents to apply their sunscreen.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Family Sun Smart

Start the Habit & Stick With It

It may take a few weeks but start the habit of putting on sunscreen as you get ready to leave the house. Once you stick with it for a few days or weeks it will become a habit. Keep your Blue Lizard® sunscreen by your shoes or car keys as you get ready to leave the house. It will become part of your daily routine and you will remember as you walk out the door.

Family Sun Safe

Keep an Extra in the Car

I always reorganize my car at the start of summer. I load my car with essentials for the summer that include a blanket, snacks, water bottles, hats, towels, and an extra sunscreen. This helps me keep a sunscreen in the house and in the car and keeps us safe where ever we go. Check out this Ibotta offer to save $4.00 on Blue Lizard® and make it easy to have a spare.

Family Sun Safe

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Get The Kids Involved and Excited

Honestly we have always made sunscreen safety a priority and my kids are used to applying it during summer days. If your kids put up more of a struggle get them involved. The bottle changes on the Blue Lizard® sunscreen make learning about sun safety fun. Show them the bottle inside the house and explain that when it is in harmful UV rays from the sun it will change to blue. Take it outside and let them see the change. Kids will be excited to be part of it and will give you less of a struggle. Explain that it will remind us when we are outside that we need to apply sunscreen to keep us safe.

Family Sun Safe

Set a Timer on Your Phone

A good rule for sun safety is to reapply every two hours. If you are in the water you may need to reapply even more. I typically like to set my timer for every 1.5 hours to give me time to apply sunscreen to all three kids and round them up from the activity. An easy way to do this is to incorporate it into a snack or water break. On hot days it is always a good idea to take a break for a drink or snack and you can also make it a sunscreen break.

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Take Care of Mom(& Dad)

Often parents remember to lather sunscreen on their kids but forget themselves. It is so important to take care of yourself and your spouse when you are spending a day outdoors. An easy way to remember is to keep an extra sunscreen in your bedroom and apply as you get ready in the morning. Take advantage of the breaks and keeping one in your car and apply when you apply to the kids. Leading by example is a great way to ensure your kids will grow up and continue to use sunscreen. I make it a family thing. When we are applying sunscreen I try to do it when the kids do before we leave the house. There are times when I forget, but I make sure to do it as soon as I can. This may be in a parking lot or while the kids are busy playing as soon as we arrive somewhere.

Family Sun Safe

Staying safe in the sun doesn’t have to be a challenge. If you make it part of your daily habits the family will find it easy to stay healthy. Involving the kids by explaining to them how important sun safety is and using Blue Lizard® Sunscreen color changing bottle your family can enjoy your next adventure and stay safe in the sun. Do you make sun safety a priority? Join Ibotta now and earn $4.00  when you purchase Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen-Sensitive, 5 oz bottle only. Learn more about Blue Lizard® and check out all their sunscreen products.




  1. Savannah | 14th Jun 17

    These are great tips! Love the idea of a timer. For myself, I tend to apply really good before an activity or event, but by the time I remember to reapply, it’s too late. The timer is perfect for me to remember!

    • Leah | 15th Jun 17

      I’m going to try to be better about it for myself this summer. I’m happy the tips are helpful to you. Sun safety is so important to me.

  2. Cristin | 13th Jun 17

    Setting a timer as a sunscreen application reminder is brilliant! I’m going to have to start doing that.

  3. Momma To Go | 13th Jun 17

    That’s so cool how the bottle changes! We my kids we let them do their own face, but mom or dad have to touch them up!

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