12 Things to Do at Disney World Without Going Into the Parks (7 Are Free!)

One of my best tips for visiting Walt Disney World is to plan a rest day. With so many Disney World activities to choose from, a rest day (or non-park) day can be filled with relaxation and a lot of Disney magic. Try one of these Disney World activities on your next visit to and give yourself a day of Disney magic without stepping foot inside a park.

Jedi Training at Walt Disney World: What You Need to Know

Disney Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios is a fun interactive Star Wars experience. On our last visit to Walt Disney World the kids trained to be a Jedi! Here are our best Jedi training academy tips.

Everything Parents Need to Know About the Disney Dream Kids Club

We were so excited when we learned we would be going on a Disney Cruise. It was something new and we had heard so many amazing things. Out of everythign, the activity my kids were most excited about for our Disney Cruise was the Disney Dream Kids Club.

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