16 Easy Backyard Activities for Families to Unplug and Get Outdoors

Summer is almost here and the weather is warming up. This is the best time of year to encourage everyone in my house to unplug from devices, reconnect with each other, and get outside more. Getting outside is great to reconnect as a family and reconnect with nature. This month is National Get Outdoors Month and is a perfect time to make family tech free time and getting outside a priority in your house.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by ACE™ Brand. As always all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

June is the last month of school for us and also National Get Outdoors Month. It is a perfect time of year to set the tone for summer vacation of getting outside, reconnecting as a family and leaving our devices behind. Reconnecting our family is always a top priority for us and taking a break from devices and getting outside is a great way to create awesome family memories.

ACE™ Brand has been supporting families for 100 years and encouraging families to get outdoors and create memories together. Their products are perfect for any busy family’s lifestyle and are reliable when you need them most. In honor of National Get Outdoors Day(June 9th) ACE™ Brand is encouraging and empowering families to get outdoors and create lasting family memories.

I’ve partnered with them to bring you and your family inspiration to reconnect with some of our favorite easy and fun backyard activities for families to unplug, reconnect with your family, and enjoy the outdoors.

16 Easy Backyard Activities to Unplug that Your Family Will Love

Get Creative with Chalk

I love to draw and watch the creativity of my kids unfold with the drive-way as a canvas. The ideas are endless when you give your kids a box of chalk and allow them to create a story. We always have a blast drawing on the drive-way and creating pictures that blend together.

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Chalk not only helps get our creative juices flowing but it also gets us playing and moving. We draw lines to play basketball and have a game of hopscotch. I love these kinds of activities because they are perfect for families of all ages. They allow everyone to enjoy time outside together.

Practice Together

All three of my kids are involved in little league this year and it is a great way to get us all playing together. We will play catch or work together to improve our skills. Kids love it when their parents get involved in what they enjoy. No matter what sport or activities your kids enjoy take the time to play with them. I haven’t picked up a baseball glove in over 20 years but I did it to play with the kids. They appreciate your time more than anything and they may even teach you a few things.

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Water Games

Nothing says summer like playing some water games. We have a few more weeks left before summer vacation but we are already enjoying squirt guns, water balloons, and sprinklers. As parents we often sit on the sidelines checking our phones but its time to put the phones away and get in on the games. Splash around and enjoy really playing with your kids.

Draw targets on with chalk and see who can get a bull’s eye with your squirt gun or water balloon. Create an obstacle course using the sprinklers and have a team relay race. It’s simple activities like this that create lasting family memories.

Take A Walk

We just moved into a new neighborhood and we love taking walks and exploring. Make a game of your walk by counting the basketball hoops you see or how many people you see playing outside. Play a game of follow the leader as you walk through the neighborhood. Sometimes a walk is all you need to start talking and reconnect as a family. Bonus-Leave the devices at home. Walk without distractions and you will find yourself learning more about each other.

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Relax and Enjoy a Picnic In Your Backyard

Spend time relaxing in your backyard with a picnic dinner. Plan the picnic menu together, pick out a few blankets and books and take time to unwind as a family. When we pick books to read I like to choose classic favorites to enjoy. We all relax and it makes us happy.

Do What Makes Your Family Happy

Every family has their own unique and special traditions that make them happy. Think about some of your favorite activities to do as a family and make it a priority to do them at home.  If you love family movie nights try to create a backyard movie night and enjoy your favorites under the stars. Do you like to hike? Create a backyard scavenger hunt and explore your own backyard or neighborhood. Even the smallest yards have things to discover, especially for the kids.

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More Inspiration to Get Outside

  • Create an obstacle course.
  • Have a lemonade stand.
  • Enjoy Ice Cream Sundaes on the porch. Check out our ultimate ice cream sundae party here.
  • Turn on the music and have a dance party.
  • Bring your art supplies outside and paint or draw.
  • Play Freeze Tag or Red Light, Green Light.
  • Put on a play or musical together.
  • Go for a bike ride.
  • Play I Spy in your backyard.
  • Bring your favorite card game outside and play on a blanket.

The best way to prioritize family time and really appreciate the outdoors is to get involved and leave your devices behind. Taking 30 minutes to enjoy your family and unplug will have a positive impact on your family and you will create lasting memories all summer long.

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Join ACE™ Brands and Five for the Road to enjoy National Get Outdoors Day on June 9th. Share your favorite ways to create lasting family memories outdoors on and let’s inspire each other to get outdoors.

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