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Road Trip: Rochester to Myrtle Beach

Our road trip to South Carolina was full of many surprises and all the stops we added really made the trip fun and exciting. Typically we drive from Rochester, New York to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in one day. On paper it is around 13 hours. We usually leave before the sun comes up and arrive around 9:00pm. It’s an easy drive and there are times when you just want to get there and start your vacation. Recently though, I have become more and more interested in taking road trips and seeing everything the USA has to offer. So instead of starting the vacation when we arrive, we decided to start it early and make the road trip part of the fun.

Day 1

Our rental in Myrtle Beach started on Saturday so we decided to take our time and leave Thursday afternoon. This was actually a last minute decision and we booked our hotel that day. We surprised the kids, grabbed our bags and got on the road! The one thing about leaving last minute is that I was completely unprepared with food. Usually I pack a cooler with sandwiches and snacks but this time I only had dry goods like pretzels and granola bars. We decided to just wing it and eat on the road.

Our first stop was about 3 hours in at a Sheetz in Lewisburg, PA. Sheetz offers lots of little snacks and also bigger food like subs and chicken fingers. We ate dinner here. I got a ham and cheese on a pretzel roll. It was very good. My husband got a sub and the kids picked a snack pack from the huge assortment of choices. Next: Hershey, PA!
Drive: Rochester to Sheetz, Lewisburg, PA (200 miles)

Road Trip: Rochester to Myrtle Beach


This was not our first visit to Hershey. We have spent time at the theme park and at chocolate world. This time we decided to stop at Chocolate World because we only had a few hours. Hershey Chocolate World is the largest Hershey store in the world. It has a few attractions and a food court. Check out my full review of Our Visit to Hershey Chocolate World.

Drive: Sheetz to Hershey Chocolate World(77.3 miles)

Road Trip: Rochester to Myrtle Beach, Hershey Chocolate World

We stayed at the Springhill Suites. It was a five minute drive from Hershey. When we arrived check in was easy and the room was nice and clean. They only had King Bed rooms with a sleeper sofa and we had booked 2 double bed room but they were very kind and accommodated us with a discount on our room rate. Overall we were happy with the stay and the continental breakfast in the morning.
Drive: Hershey Chocolate World to Springhill Suites (2.2 miles)

Road Trip: Rochester to Myrtle Beach Springhill Suites

Road Trip: Rochester to Myrtle Beach, Springhill Suites

Road Trip: Rochester to Myrtle Beach, Springhill Suites

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Day 2

We got on the road around 8:30am on Friday and made our 2 hour drive to Dinosaur Land in Virginia. Dinosaur Land is a perfect road side attraction. It has been open for 50 years and offers a self-guided trail view of over 50 different dinosaurs. It even boasts a shark and King Kong.

Road Trip: Rochester to Myrtle Beach

There are many photo-ops here. My favorite being King-Kong. A lot of the dinosaurs are very weathered and there are signs cautioning people of touching them. At the end of the trail there is a large gift shop. We enjoyed walking through the dinosaurs. My daughter was a little freaked out by the “realistic blood” on some of the dinosaurs but it was really more fun and silly then scary. We walked for about 30 minutes and enjoyed the fresh air, stretch of our legs, and had fun seeing this great road side attraction.
Drive: Springhill Suites to Dinosaur Land (138 miles)

Road Trip: Rochester to Myrtle Beach

After we left Dinosaur Land it was about a 30-45 minute drive to get on the highway. We were also ready for lunch. There were a few different food choices and a Target right before we got on the interstate. We ended up going with Checkers because we wanted to keep moving. It wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worst. Next time I would have tried somewhere else but it filled us up. From there we continued our drive to Parker’s BBQ in Wilson, North Carolina where we would stop for the night.
Drive: Dinosaur Land to Parker’s BBQ-Wilson, NC (278 miles)

Road Trip: Rochester to Myrtle Beach


We picked Wilson, NC to stop because my husband had done some research and found a BBQ place called Parker’s. We love finding different places along the road and it was a nice change to the fast food stops. Parker’s is family style and has a welcoming feel. Our favorites were the hush puppies!!

Road Trip: Rochester to Myrtle BeachRoad Trip:Rochester to Myrtle Beach

After dinner we wanted to check out Whirligig Park. The park features artwork form Vollis Simpson. He used scarp metal to create these intricate pieces. From the website I thought it would be a park we could walk around and see all the sculptures. Unfortunately it was under construction and we could only pull over to see the incredible art work. It was still worth it and was only about 15 minutes out of our way.
Drive: Parker’s BBQ to Whirligig Park (2.4 miles)

Road Trip: Rochester to Myrtle Beach


Next stop was the Comfort Suites in Wilson, NC. This is at an exit off I-95. There are many other hotels in this area. Next time we might try a different one because there were a few issues with our room. First the refrigerator was defrosted and full of water. Second, the shower was broken. Both issues were taken care of immediately and we were happy with the room and beds. They cleaned up the refrigerator and we showered in a room next door. We had the option of switching rooms but the kids were settled and we were exhausted.

As a side note, I really liked that the pull out sofa was in the same room as the beds. Being a family of five it can be a challenge to find a room that fits us well. My kids are still little and they prefer being in the same room as us during hotel stays. The continental breakfast was typical of a quick hotel stay and we ate and were on our way.
Drive: Whirligig Park to Comfort Suites (6.8 miles)

Road Trip: Rochester to Myrtle Beach

Road Trip: Rochester to Myrtle Beach

Road Trip:Rochester to Myrtle Beach

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Day 3

Saturday morning we left for our final drive to Myrtle Beach. If you’ve ever driven through North Carolina I am sure you have seen a Pedro sign at some point. Our road trip would not be complete without a quick stop at South of the Border. It is a roadside attraction that has gift shops, gas, food, even rides and mini-golf. We walked around for a few minutes looking around, took some pictures, and got back on the road.
Drive: Comfort Suites to South of the Border (122 miles)

I am so glad we decided to take our time to get to Myrtle Beach. The stops we made along the way were some of our favorite memories. I hope this helps you plan your next trip down south. I can’t wait to plan our next adventure!
Drive: South of the Border to Myrtle Beach (82.3 miles)

Road Trip:Rochester to Myrtle Beach

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