5 Fall Family Traditions to Start This Year


Fall is my favorite time of year.  There is so much to do and the weather is the best. Everything around is colorful.  I love it!  With only a few weeks left in October it is a perfect time to spend your weekends starting a few fall family traditions.  I am all about family traditions. My husband and I started ones before the kids came along.  I think its so important to create those special moments that are unique to your family. Most of the things I plan are small easy things. Although this time of year I do try to pack a lot of activities in.  It may be knowing that the weather will change soon or the kids being in school all day.  Family time becomes a top priority.  Keep reading to see some of our fall favorites and be inspired to start your own.

Go Apple Picking

There is just something about an apple orchard at the start of fall.  We picked so many apples this year!! When the kids pick them they seem to be more excited to eat them!! Of course there is apple crisp and apple pie to be made.  My husband even made Apple Fries this year dipped in whip cream! Yum! I think my favorite part about this tradition is the pictures we have taken through the years.  Its a great location for family photos and some of my favorite family pictures have come from visiting the orchards.  Our favorite orchard to visit in Rochester is G & S Orchards.  We discovered this farm in 2013 and have been visiting every year since. G & S Orchards has many things you can pick but year after year we come back for the apples.


Our first visit to G & S Orchards.


Visit a Farm or Market

There are so many awesome farms in Rochester. This is the best time of year to visit too!! Most places have fall festivals, homemade doughnuts and cider.  Some even have hard cider!  Two that we have visited this year are Wickham Farms and Powers Farm Market. Check out my previous post about Powers Farm Market. Wickham Farms has mini-golf, a corn maze, goats to feed, a train ride, and a jumping pillow.  My kids love the jumping pillow.  They could stay on it all day long! We visit this farm year round but they have some really fun events including a Honey Crisp Apple Festival.  We like visiting Powers for the Haunted Hayride and the tepee walk through.  If you have a kid friendly hayride in your town check it out. We had a blast!! Most towns have a lot of fall family activities.  Search your town and find a few new places to try.


Wickham Farms at sunset.


Doughnuts at Powers Farm Market. I recommend the Pumpkin!

Get Out and Explore

After a week in school and busy with different things I like to unplug and go explore.  We live by so many great parks and hiking trails.  Take a morning or afternoon, leave the electronics behind and pack a picnic. Explore a state park.  This year we visited a favorite and discovered two new spots.  Letchworth State Park is an gorgeous place to spend a day.  They have hiking paths and waterfalls.  We like to park by the middle falls and bring a picnic.  There is also a small playground here.  In 2015 Letchworth was voted Best State Park by USA Today.  It is worth the drive to see the beauty of this park.  We also discovered Turning Point Park.  This gem of a park is nestled in Greece, NY.  You would miss it if you never heard of it.  It has a boardwalk over the water. Along the walk we spotted many turtles.  It was a fun game to see how many we could see.  You had to look for a while because of the lily pads. We all loved it! Just last weekend we went to Bristol Mountain for their fall sky view. You purchase a ticket to ride the ski lift up the mountain. At the top there are the most amazing views.  I loved walking the grounds and seeing the mountain.  Next time I would pack a picnic and blanket and relax for the day.  If you can arrive early.  We were one of the first people up and arrived 20 minutes before opening.  When we came down there was a 45 minute wait.


Bristol Mountain


Turning Point Park



Letchworth State Park

Pick a Pumpkin

Whether you go big or go small.  Carve or paint.  Pumpkin picking is a fall favorite.  The kids love picking out their own pumpkin.  They take it very seriously!! They walk up and down the aisles studying the pumpkins and trying to find the perfect one.  Every year we go to Grossman’s Garden & Home for our pumpkins.  Their pumpkins are awesome!! We ended up with huge ones this year!!  I will admit I am not much of a pumpkin carver but my husband is.  I would rather paint mine so I am designated helper and photographer when we carve pumpkins!  They search online for the best pumpkin and he makes it happen.  We have done Barbie, Batman, and Dora to name a few.  Not sure what the kids will want this year but its always exciting to see the finished products!


Grossman’s Garden and Home


Keep it Simple  

My last tip is to keep it simple. Family traditions are only fun if you actually want to do them.  If your family doesn’t like to hike don’t.  Prefer to hang in the backyard and jump in leaves-great!! It’s all about what is unique to you family.  A frustrated mama is not going to enjoy the fun if it feels forced.  The kids will feel it and you will end up feeling more stressed then relaxed.  Weekends and family time are precious so take the time to think about what is good for your family.  Some families love crafting and baking.  There are so many activities to enjoy this awesome time of year!


Do you have a fall family tradition you love?  Share in the comments!





  • Hallie October 20, 2016 at 2:30 pm

    Love all of these! I grew up in the north and the fall was my FAVORITE time of year for traditions!

    These are great ideas!

    • Leah October 20, 2016 at 7:49 pm

      Thank you!


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